IEC to announce final decision about preliminary results on Saturday

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KABUL (Ariana News): The Independent Election Commission (IEC) will state its final decision on the announcement of preliminary results of Afghan presidential election on Saturday, an IEC official said.

“We will share our final decisions and our latest activities with Afghan people on Saturday, October 19,” IEC commissioner Rahima Zarifi told Ariana News.

According to IEC, low data transferring from biometric devices to main server and the technical issues raised during this process were the main reasons behind the delay.

IEC Commissioner Malwana Abudllah said, “After all data are entered into the system, the commission will launch the deduplication process or the cleaning stage.”

Meanwhile, electoral tickets stress that accuracy and transparency of the process are more important than its speed.

“Transparency is more important, therefore we are not concerned if the process takes few more days,” Shir Aqa Rouhani an observer from Peace and Justice electoral ticket said.

Earlier this week, IEC announced that the biometrically verified turnout of 85% of polling stations is at 1.7 million voters while previously the turnout was more than 2.7 million voters.

Despite Taliban’s repeated threats, the presidential election was held on September 28 across the country.

The preliminary results was scheduled to be announced on October 19 and the final results is scheduled to be announced on November 7.

If none of the candidates win over 50 percent of votes in the first round, the two leading candidates will enter a runoff.

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