IECC begins sorting electoral complaints: Official

KABUL (TOLO News): Officials from the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) on Friday said that the organization has started the sorting process of the electoral complaints that had been filed by the election campaigns.

The formal process of assessing the complaints will be started on Saturday, said the IECC commissioner Qubuddian Roydar.

“All of the 16,000 complaints filed with the electoral complaints commission came from 23 provinces–it means that no complaint was filed in 11 provinces,” said Roydar.

Meanwhile, second vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish said that all election campaigns and presidential candidates should prioritize Afghanistan’s national interests rather than focusing on their personal agendas.

“They must let the issues be dealt with through legal channels so that our country can be raised out of confusion and doubt,” said Danish.

Nevertheless, presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah’s second running mate Assadullah Saadati said that if the election commissions fail to sort out valid votes from “invalid” votes, the election process could face a new crisis.

“If there is a legal requirement for the teams to go to a runoff, we do not have any fear of a runoff; however, we hope to be declared the winner of the election in the first round after the verification of the votes,” said Saadati.

The complaints commission said that the electoral campaigns have registered 16,500 complaints regarding the presidential election, which was held on September 28.

From those complaints, about 8,000 were filed by Abdullah Abdullah’s team and more than 3,000 were filed by Ghani’s team.

4,400 complaints were filed by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s team and approximately 15 by Rahmatullah Nabil’s team.

The process of filing complaints with the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission began on Monday, following the announcement on Sunday of the preliminary results.

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