If it smelled like a color revolution

Mikhail Sheinkman
If it smelled like a color revolution, it was im-mediately mixed with gunpowder. It was aggression. Organized, structured, carefully prepared. And still expected. Those who knew exactly how the people would react to the increase in fuel prices.
National mourning is when flags are at half-mast. But in Kazakhstan, other st-ate institutions cannot even afford this. Burnt. Broken. Deserted. However, mourning means that they believe that there should be no more victims. True, it is st-ill extraordinary here. And the minute of silence could be broken by shooting. If only Alma-Ata was attack-ed by 20 thousand milita-nts, and a total of eight tho-usand were detained throu-ghout the country, then it is still possible. And only the victory of terror is already out of the question. Theref-ore, the flags are at half-mast, but not torn down.
Although they strove for this. Not to rewrite the statehood on yourself, namely to omit it. If not destroyed. For a start, in a separate Alma-Ata. It was purposefully turned into a city uninhabitable. Maybe with the expectation of later turning into Benghazi a sample of the height of the Libyan conflict, even with Gaddafi alive. Or to Raqqa during the reign of IS. In any case, if it smelled like a color revolution here, it was immediately mixed with gunpowder. The Blitzkrieg did not provide for political slogans. It was aggression. Organized, structured, carefully prepared. And still expected.
Those who knew exactly how the people would react to the increase in fuel prices. It was not just an excuse. Signal. Casus belli. Day to swing and off we go. Inexplicable. Pointless ruthless. Primitively cruel. When not to take prisoners. The death toll has not yet been determined. It is clear that well over a hundred. 17 security officials. Three kids. Hatred betrayed strangers. Their confident gait indicated that they had good local guides who marked the necessary doors with a cross.
And even if they destroyed everything (and when the barbarians behaved differently, even more so if there is carte blanche: what you take is yours), but they understood their own business. Therefore, they put out of action the television channels, so that not a word of the truth. Therefore, they took the airport to exclude outside assistance. But she came. Much faster than they had time to equip combat positions here. And only then did the West speak. Nervously, hysterically, revealing himself. Because it inspired. Because the reaction of the CSTO reminded him of the other four letters. Crimea. Again, it turns out, oil painting. We didn’t wait.
And again without a shot being fired. The presence was enough to bring the country back to life. Even if not yet to the one she lived. But it is up to her to decide whether it is necessary to go to that one. Although she did not deny herself anything. Oil, gas, uranium and the entire periodic table. At the same time, it is multi-vector. 22 thousand NGOs. Soros Foundation is at home. Latin. The real sector is for the Americans and the British. Partnership with NATO for Peace. And not a single pro-Western coup insurance has worked. Unless they began to trade for democratic preludes here. We immediately exported extremism.
However, Kazakhstan, although it missed the blow, resisted. Scars and scars are now forever with him. But the vital government agencies, it seems, are still in working order. Clean them up, free them from slag and work, maybe even as good as new. In any case, judging by the speed of circulation to the CSTO, everything is in order with their heads. It means they will live.

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