IGP directs RPOs for stringent security steps during Ramazan

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi Monday directed the Regional Police Officers (RPOs) for adopting stringent security measures during Ramazan as well as ensuring implementation of the government measures and SOPs for prevention of Covid-19 pandemic.

They were further directed to further expedite their efforts and improve better public service delivery as envisaged in the police reforms.

He issued these directives while presiding over a meeting with RPOs via video link to review law and order situation in the province.

Regional Police Officers (RPOs) gave detailed briefings to the IGP KP about the law and order in their respective regions.

They informed the IGP KP about the steps taken to maintain law and order, countering terrorism and action taken under the National Action Plan (NAP) during the current year.

The IGP was informed that a total of 470 intelligence based operations were conducted in which 550 suspected terrorists were held and 2148 kg explosive material, 52 hand grenades, 30015 detonators, 3 SMGs, 3 RPGs, 15 pistols and 7225 rounds were recovered.

The IGP KP was informed that a result oriented campaign was launched against smuggling of narcotics and illegal weapons.

Police recovered 40353.625 kg narcotics during the current year which included 8937.971 kg Charas, 291.657 kg Opium, 30980.653 kg Heroin, 143.347 kg Ice, 12559 bottles and 838 liters of Liquor.

The IGP was further informed that during this period 8072 accused were arrested involved in narcotics dealing.

Similarly, the IGP was informed that a huge cache of arms and ammunition was also recovered during the current year which included 438 Rifles, 1618 Shot Guns, 8745 Pistols, 540506 Cartridges, 654 Klashnikovs, 89 Kalakovs, 63 Hand Grenades, 19 Detonators, 3 Dynamites and 2 Bombs.

The IGP was further updated that under the National Action Plan a total of 4262 Search & Strike operations were conducted in which 20756 criminals were arrested and 5945 arms & 245184 rounds were recovered.

Moreover, during these operations 70469 houses and 23493 hotels were checked and on violation 3414 and 388 FIRs were registered respectively against the violators. Likewise, 21321 snap checking were conducted during which 19534 suspects were taken into police custody and 4091 arms & 203910 rounds were recovered.Also, 346 illegal Afghans were detained for not having legal documents and 329 cases 0were registered against them under Foreign Act.

The IGP was also updated that on misuse of loudspeaker a total of 282 cases were registered and 290 persons were taken into police custody.

Likewise 9484 Buss addas were checked and on violation 16 cases were registered.
The IGP Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi termed the police performance for maintenance of law and order as true reflection of their practical hard work and professional commitment.