IGP inaugurates official website of Forensic Science Laboratory

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Inspector General of Police Salahuddin Khan Mehsud on Sunday inaugurated the official website (www.kpfsl.govt.kp) of KP Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) to streamline the working of various disciplines of forensic labs, SOPs, for operating the equipment, training of experts, forensic examination and compiling of the forensic reports.

Taking notice of complaints regarding forensic examination and delay in submission of FSL reports which benefited the accused, the IGP had instructed to address these anomalies.

Hectic efforts were being made by the FSL staff to furnished all pending cases and submit reports to respective departments and worthy courts in time in the year 2017, around 60,000 pending cases were processed with no pendency at FSL.

In order to further streamline and make the forensic examination /reporting transparent and accessible to stakeholders, the FSL website was launched which contain details of various Labs, forensic services available, SOPs for identification, collection and packing of physical and circumstantial evidence and show status/ date of dispatch of forensic reports.

This will not only show status of the forensic reports but will also indicate those responsible for delay in submission of exhibits to FSL or delay by the forensic experts in conducting the test/ examination.

The IGP also approved the establishment of first-ever explosive testing lab and digital and audio visual lab in the KP FSL. These labs will assist the investigation agencies in working out heinous cases i.e terrorism, extortion, dacoity and murder etc.

The IGP added that such updated online information about the cases submitted /examined at FSL, will not only result in building confidence of honourable judges in the FSL, but also identify those I.Os who delay submitting of exhibits to FSL which badly affect investigation of the cases.

The IGP instructed to speed up the ongoing renovation and revamping of the FSL to make it compatible with international standards. The IGP praised the efforts of the director and staff of FSL for their valuable contribution to the KP FSL and gave Rs200,000 cash reward to the various officials working at the FSL.