IIUI leadership terms youth as vital asset

IIUI leadership terms youth as vital asset

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ISLAMABAD: International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) leadership, in a message on the occasion of International Youth day, stressed upon youth to be compatible to the priorities of market and global changes in research.

In a joint message, IIUI Rector Dr. Masoom Yasin Zai, President Dr. Hathal Bin Hamoud Al-otaibi and Acting President Dr. N.B. Jumani said that64 percent of the nation is younger than the age of 30 and country is having largest youth population in history. They opined that if we guide, educate and train youth on priority with best of the skills and facilities, they may change the fate of country.

Education of youth is a pre-requisite for a successful society, universities are the places that are ray of hope for the nation as they have country’s precious asset in hands. It added that Youth are akin to backbone in terms of national progress.

It was further said in the message that a large amount of Pakistani population is comprised of youth that can be used to uplift the economy and progress by showing the right path. It was also said in the message that international youth day provides us with an opportunity to address issues being facedby youth today.

The IIUI leadership said that nation has hopes associated to youth, that is why IIUI always focuses nurturing young minds in the light of contemporary global requirements and Islamic teachings so that they may become best professionals and humans.

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