Illinois erroneously hit by COVID-19

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ILLINOIS: More than 100 lives of professionals working in the health care fields have contacted the deadly virus in past 6 months since the outbreak COVID-19 in U.S. state of Illinois.

The State sources have disclosed that through interviewing the families of nearly 50 deceased health care workers in Illinois to chronicles the devastating loss of life and acts of heroism.

The COVID-19 has surged at an alarming ratio in the state of Illinois.

Due to the emergency situation in the state, Iowa and Illinois governors held press conferences today in response to the pandemic, Illinois state sources told F.P.

Both governors talked about returning to sports, COVID-19 testing, and the impact of the pandemic on the economy.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds says “Test Iowa is providing testing to colleges and universities. Nineteen schools are currently enrolled in the program.”

She further added that, Test Iowa enabled technology improvements that increased lab testing productivity by 30%. Reynolds also touched on plans for testing throughout the winter.

“We are looking for sites that will allow us to continue drive-through testing throughout the winter. The Iowa DOT and the Iowa National Guard are working now to identify alternate locations near current sites that we can winter proof” informed Reynolds.

The goal is to have new sites secured in the next few weeks so we stay ahead of the weather as much as possible,” Reynolds says.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker pushed against playing youth sports. He says contact sports can become “super-spreading events” and says there is “no practical way to prevent outbreaks in sports.”

He also talked about cuts to operating budgets by 5% this fiscal year.

Deadly toll of COVID-19 on health care field A memorial of 46 of those who died of COVID-19.

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