Imad is fine with both

Imad is fine with both foreigner or Pakistani coach

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ISLAMABAD: All-rounder ImadWasim believes it does not matter of whether the head coach is a foreigner or Pakistani unless the game of cricket is going in the right direction.

Imad said it does not matter who the head coach is as his job was to perform to the best of his abilities. “Whoever takes over Mickey Arthur’s role would have my wholehearted support and I do wish him all the best”.

“Regardless of where the coach is from, the key idea is for him to keep pushing Pakistan cricket in the right direction and as long as he does that, he would be the ideal person for the job,” quoted him as saying.

Imad said it was to see Mickey Arthur leave the role of head coach but that was a decision which Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had made. “I hope that I will have another chance to work with Mickey in the future perhaps at some sort of domestic or league level,” he said.

Speaking about the limited order captaincy if offered to him, Imad said as a young cricketer, he had always wanted to play for Pakistan and being offered captaincy would be an honour for him.

“This is something for the PCB to decide and I would never go to them and ask for this position. I would be happy to serve under any player the PCB offers the captaincy to, as all I am interested in is serving my country.” “My job is to play cricket and if I am given the responsibility to captain the side, it would be great as I have never backed down from a challenge, but if not, then just being a member of the team will be an honour in itself,” he said.

Imad said PCB Managing Director Wasim Khan and his staff was working very hard to try and get foreign teams to visit and play series in Pakistan. “As a cricketer, there is nothing better than having the opportunity to play international cricket in front of our home crowds and no words can describe that feeling of elation,” he said.

Imad said he was over the moon when he heard of the 2020 edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) would be held in Pakistan.

“The fans in Pakistan are hungry for cricket and as a player I can say that it would be an awesome feeling to be playing in front of our home crowds as they will cheer for us all through the tournament,” he said.

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