Images of Boeing’s new hypersonic aircraft concept

Monitoring Desk

Turning the calendar page to start 2022 has already left approximately no one nostalgic for 2021. A year that began with so much bang — and threatened so much more — ended, thankfully, with a surprisingly soft whimper, at least militarily. We can just hope that 2022 is an improvement.

Aircraft have captured most of our attention in these first few days of the year. In the Persian Gulf region, Marine Corps legacy Hornets are keeping an eye on Iran, which appears to be at least partially behind recent drone attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq. India’s search for a new carrier-based fighter is making progress, and U.S. Air Force fighters were seen sporting new tracking tools.

The relative quiet of the past week did give us a moment to enjoy a pair of videos of some terrific stick-and-rudder work by some very skilled pilots. It is nice, from time to time, just to marvel at great flying.

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Courtesy: (thedrive)