Impact of dowry on society

Impact of dowry on society

Siraj Ahmed Abbasi

Societies are fill up with unnecessary traditions and rituals, sometimes they are harmful for human beings. The main problem in different tribes and areas of pakistan are dowry that is the big cause of stopping marriage.

Approximately millions women are unmarried due to this cruel and useless tradition that is totally against the teaching of Islam. The constitution of Pakistan prohibited it under the act of 1967. The dowry is totally against the values of humanity and it is the big cause of depression for parents in pakistan who have less resources and income. Peoples become hopeless and feel inferiority in society.

According to the history, The dowry first started in India in medivel times when the money or gift was given to the bride for his independence after marriage. But now its obligated on every one. Pakistan’s mega cities like Faisalabad, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi are famous about this cruelty. The side effects of dowry system in society are domestic violence, honour killing, rape, abduction.

Dowry is the root of all evils, and people can get rid of hundred of other social evils and poverty over time, if we give up the dowry system. The desire of dowry is giving too many sacrifices of innocent women, and increasing their age without any good reason, its not much difficult to get rid from dowry we have to just convince our parents politely and aware them about this inferiority, as well as the prohibition act is already present in every country but unfortunately people don’t follow them because they were not be enforced by strictly. So look at the world with sympathy and you will feel that how much we are accountable for this unnecessary ritual.