Implementation of cooperation pact, Presidential Palace expresses satisfaction

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The Presidential Palace has said the 100% implementation of US-Afghanistan cooperation agreement has helped in strengthening good governance, security, fighting corruption and economic institutions.

A press release issued by Presidential Palace late Tuesday said the joint High Executive Committee on US-Afghan cooperation agreement met with Presidential Muhammad Ashraf Ghani in the chair.

Members of good governance, counter-corruption, peace and reintegration, security and defence and economic committees attended the meeting and presented their reports to the president.

The president said on the occasion that the cooperation agreement has bilateral commitment to fulfill the need of the people of Afghanistan with its full implementation in different sectors.

He said the US-Afghan cooperation agreement has been implemented 97.3 percent in the security and defense sector including editing security plan, biometrician police and Army personnel, reforming interior ministry, counter illegal advantage in awarding contracts, merging border and civil order police in defense ministry and strengthening air force and commando forces.

The Presidential Palace said that all the indicators in reconciliation and integration sector have been implemented 100 percent.

Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan and US ambassador Kabul also attended the meeting and praised the Afghan government for the achievements in the implementation of the agreement. The US representative assured continued assistance and cooperation to Afghanistan in different sectors.