Important message for all

Yusra Ali

KARACHI: The disaster of Flood is not less. We have to make some decisions today. We cannot stay calm until they settle in their new homes. Until the flood’s victims get rid of this traumatic side effects. Until their societies are built and settled.

In our capacity we can make donations for them. We have to start making a portion of our income for them. If you are mothers, save extra clothes, kitchen items, extra furniture, or things like women, kids men can use. If you are running a business dedicate some portion of income for them. If you are doing a job spend even rupees 100 but do make your part.

If you are a coach / trainer / freelancer or anyone who work from home dedicate a percentage of your per session cost. I know it’s very time of inflation but I understand that if we cut off extra expenses, cut off lavish products and increase Charity that will help us to make money for the sake of Allah.

Flood donations drive need to be carried on till the damage start recovering. We need to decide this. The main point… Donate only those who spend on making homes / managing food and shelter for Flood hit areas and people. Not for those who mix this donation with any other work. Be very genuine and make good research.