Imran assures govt to hold peaceful long march

RAWALPINDI (INP): Regretting that the country had been given to thieves and thugs to rule, former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Monday said that each and every party member should take the ‘long march’ on Islamabad as a ‘Jihad’. He was addressing the party’s office-bearers and workers in Rawalpindi.
“We know what you plan to do to counter the march; but you have no idea what surprise we have in store for you,” Imran said while addressing Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah. He said he was making up people’s minds for the march. “PTI’s march will be historic and peaceful. We will not take the law into our own hands during the protest,” he said, and in the same breath told both the prime minister and the interior minister that they would not be able to withstand the pressure of millions of people inside Islamabad.
Directing the party’s office-bearers and workers to go door to door to motivate people to join the march, Imran made it clear to them that their promotion within the party and awarding of tickets to them in the next general elections depended on how well they performed now; how many people came out on streets on their call. Former prime minister said how unfortunate it was that Nawaz Sharif had failed to give the money trail of his Avenfield flats in London. “You own flats in the most posh area of London, and yet you don’t have any money trail to show,” he regretted. In the end, Imran took oath from the PTI workers and office-bearers (Rawalpindi chapter) that they would not hesitate to give any sacrifice for the success of the march.
Meanwhile, former prime minister Imran Khan has stressed the need for following Islamic teachings to cope with challenges. A person who follows the Sunnah becomes a great person, and a nation that follows the principles of the state of Madinah becomes a great nation, he said in his address at the Rehmatulil Aalameen Conference in Islamabad on Eid Miladun Nabi.
He said he wanted to tell the youth about his life-changing moment, saying that following the teachings of Islam brings a big change to in life. “Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought the biggest revolution in history. There is a need to make our students aware of Seeratun Nabi,”he said adding that he is not a scholar but he can talk about his experiences. He highlighted the need of dispensing justice and rule of law. He laid emphasis on following in the footsteps of the Pakistan Movement leaderless and having faith in the Almighty.
He said fear is the biggest barrier to the achievement of a person. The PTI chief said that after studying Seerat-un-Nabi PBUH, his internal fear has vanished. He said he has earned more honour despite smearing and political persecution by opponents during the last six months. Imran Khan said that he has never witnessed the supremacy of law in Pakistan as compared to other countries like Britain and Switzerland. He said that poor people were trapped in jails but the rich people walk free. Pakistan can come out of all crises after following the teachings of Islam, he added.