Imran claim drama to divert attention from failed Sehwan show: CM Sindh

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the PTI public meeting in Sehwan attended by people of a particular tribe and some pilgrims of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, otherwise hardly there were 10 local people there.

This he said while talking to media just after attending the walk the Sindh government had organized to observe Black Day to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir at Mazar-i-Quaid on Friday.

He said that he had no objection on holding public meetings by any party in Sehwan, the constituency of the chief minister, but when they fail to hold a successful rally, they start playing dramas to divert public attention from their failures and negligible attendance.

“This is on record that a party leader brought his few hundred tribesmen [from Balochistan] and some of the pilgrim of Lal Shahbaz Qalander went to see the rally,” he said and added this was the success story of the rally the PTI held in Sehwan.

Replying to a question, he said that the district administration was not informed about the proposed visit of PTI leadership to Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. At the11th hour they reached there to offer dua. “No issue, they were allowed but the drama played by their leader was totally baseless and aimed at gaining political sympathy,” he said and added had the administration not allowed the PTI leadership to enter the Dargah how Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Arif Alvi went inside, he questioned.

“They had not scaled the walls of the shrine but they were allowed,” he said. Imran Khan wanted to take his guards inside the shrine for which his guards were stopped, he said. “Actually, it was his misfortune that he could not offer fateh at the Dargah, otherwise nothing was wrong there.

Chief Minister addressing Shah Mahmood Qureshi said “I used to respect you [Shah Mamhood Qureshi] but now I don’t respect you because you do not speak like a sensible person,” he said and added “what you are? Your brother has exposed you,” he said and went on saying that his brother says Shah Mahmood Qureshi is the person who barters away on the mazars of saintly persons just for his political gains. “This is the reputation you are enjoying at your home,” he said.

Syed Murad Ali Shah said that no matter how many public meeting the PTI and other parties are holding in Sindh but the people of Sindh are with PPP and they would vote it to power once again.

Earlier, the chief minister wearing black band led the walk held to express solidarity with people of Kashmir.

He said that it was Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who had raised Kashmir issue on international level and again Shaheed Mohterma Benazir Bhutto used every forum to highlight the Indian atrocities in Kashmir.

He loudly said that Kashmir would become part of Pakistan and “we would not let our Kashmiri brother alone at this stage of struggle,” he aid and thanked the people who attended the walk in a large number.

Meanwhile, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah taking notice of the incident under which a child was chained in a Madrassah at tando Mohammad Khan.

The chief minister directed the IG Police to get the innocent child liberated and taken necessary action against the responsible person(s). “I have given clear instruction that the human rights must be respected in everywhere in Sindh. Particularly, I would not tolerate highhandedness against children and women,” he said clearly.

The chief minister said that the children could not be given education by keeping in chains. “This inhuman act is bound to destroy the personality and dignity of a child- this is unacceptable,” he said and directed all the deputy commissioners to ensure implementation of human rights in their respective areas.

Earlier, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah presiding over a meeting of Green Line BRT project discussed three different options, including at grade, underpass and elevated portion on M.A Jinnah road and finally directed the concerned departments to work out detailed plan and submit proposal within the next meeting to be held after 10 days.

The meeting was attended by Minister for Transport Syed Nasir Shah, Federal Secretary for Communication Siddique Memon, Chairman P&D Mohammad Waseem, PD Green Line project Soaleh Farooqui, Principal Secretary to CM Sohail Rajput, Secretary Transport Saeed Awan, Secretary Local Government Ramzan Awan, Zubair Channa, consultant of the project and other concerned.

The chief minister was told that the federally-funded Green Line BRTS project has attained more than 65 percent physical progress. Original scope of the project from Surjani to Guru Mandir (Phase 1-A) is nearing its completion and will be finalized the end of December 2017.