Imran Khan led government to focus on its plan

Amin Yousafzai

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf  with support of its allies  have finally been successful to decorate crown of the premiership on head of the party’s  chief Imran Khan.

In May last, Imran Khan had unveiled the PTI’s government 100 days plan.  One component of the said plan is that if Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf came into power, its government will provide five million jobs to youth of the country.  Now, when Imran Khan has occupied the chair of his choice and countdown of PTI’s government 100 days plan has already begun.

Everyone is looking forward what the PTI’s government can the top priority to be worked on should be, to provide jobs per his pledge.

At the same time, to start implementation of  other  points of the proposed 100 days  plan.  Though, this is not an easy task and definitely it cannot be completed within the stipulated period but what is need of the hour this the most important points of the plan to be addressed first on priority basis……..And in my honest view, to arrange and provide jobs for the Youth,  it should be done on the priority basis.