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Imran Khan vows to lead “Biggest Azadi March”

Written by The Frontier Post

Ishaq Khan
PESHAWAR: Former pri-me minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Ch-airman Imran Khan has vo-wed to take out the biggest rally from Khyber Pakht-unkhwa to Islamabad in co-nnection with his Azadi M-arch call today (Wedn-esday).
This he said while addressing to a press conference in Peshawar on Tuesday. Imran said his scheduled long march will be held on May 25 in any case as no hurdles could stop them. He said PTI youth will be responsible for removing hurdles from the road during the march.
Imran lashed out at the ‘so-cold’ democratic parties’ coalition government for holding a crackdown on the PTI workers in Punjab and Sindh especially.
He said that the cabinet of ‘criminals’ had made an illegal decision. He implo-red that the entire nation was looking at the institutions.
Imran said PTI’s long march is a test of the judiciary, the police, the bureaucracy and the ‘neutrals’. He said this during his address to the PTI Youth Wing in Peshawar on Tuesday eve-ning. He said now the judiciary, bureaucracy and the neutrals should decide abo-ut to go with the right or not.
Imran Khan asked the ‘neutrals’ and judges what kind of government took such actions. It’s a defining moment for everyone, he added. He warned the institutions if the country slid into chaos, they would be responsible. He asked the country’s judiciary and ‘neutrals’ to “do the right thing”. He claimed that the country was looking towards the judiciary, telling them that this was their “trial”.
Imran Khan deplored the government’s late-night raids in Lahore and other cities to detain the PTI activists. He asserted that the party had a right to stage a peaceful protest against the ‘imported conspiracy. He lamented that authorities conducted a raid at the house of Justice Nasira Iqbal and then made the video of the raid viral on social media. He said only a government of criminals could have done this kind of thing.
He maintained that during the PTI government’s t-enure, the then opposition was allowed to stage pro-tests and long marches several times. “They marched several times with the purpose of ousting the government but did we resort to these methods? … “Did we protest when Bilawal sta-ged a long march? Did we arrest him? Fazlur Rehman also launched a march and we were ready to help them,” Khan asked.

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