Imran Khan’s accomplishments so far: An analysis

Ramsha Afridi

There is no doubt that ever since the election of Imran Khan, Pakistanis have clung on to the highest of hopes for the betterment of Pakistan.

The former cricket star has made quite a fundamental impression on Pakistanis from all ages, creeds and differences; mostly because of his ravishing promises and pledges for the Pakistani people and the country.

Imran Khan’s PTI government had already made quite an impact within Pakistani culture and politics; garnering support from all over the country; evidently, so much that the party performed so well that it won the extremely challenging national general elections.

With the PTI party and Imran Khan being sworn in to power by the people with pride, confidence and high expectations; it is fair to say that an anaylsis of Imran Khan’s accomplishment is much needed, in 2019.

Here are Imran Khan’s top seven achievements of his prime ministership of Pakistan so far,

1)  Imran Khan takes climate change seriously, so much so that his government successfully took control of Mafia owned land in punjab. With pursuits of turning it in to an eco-friendly forrest under his initative known as Plant4Pakistan.

2) He swiftly took upon solving Pakistan’s water crisis to his own hands. The eager leader successfully raised millions of pounds for the Pakistan Dam Fund; both nationally and internationally, just weeks after being sworn in to leadership.

3) Khan’s anti corruption policies have been affirmed as positive. The PTI government holds ‘strict accountability’ towards any activities that maybe deemed as corrupt. For example an Assests recovery unit has been developed, to expose hidden assets.

4) The former cricketer, has been focusing greatly on tourism in Pakistan. Khan, recently spoke at the World Government Summit and spoke about how Pakistan has fundemental potential for a successful tourism industry.

5) The government led after Khan, has decreased factory gas prices nationally. This is excellent for the Pakistani economy.

6) The five million home iniative, is a housing program and promise by the PTI government; aimed to provide housing for the poorer community of Pakistan. This huge project has already began to make progression.

7) Imran Khan’s eco-friendly dream goes further; energy production through waste is now in progress.

Imran Khan, is no doubt making waves right in the very heart of Pakistan’s political spectrum. The achievements of the PTI government are unprecedented and surpassed by any previous government, and overcome various challenges.