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Imran lambasts US for its double standards

Written by The Frontier Post

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan lambasted the United States for its double standards, saying that instead of appreciating Pakistan for its years long sacrifices against terrorism and standing with the United States, Pakistan is being criticized and blamed.

During his video address to the United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan while referring to Jalaluddin Haqqani visit to the White House during President Ronald Reagan, said that at that time the Haqqanis were compared to the forefather of the nation by America but later on when the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, the same Haqqanis were termed as terrorists and Pakistan had to face the burden of five million Afghan refugees.

Imran Khan regretted the fact that America is worried about the Afghans interpreters but what about Pakistan which sacrificed eighty thousand of its citizens in US led war against terrorism. 480 drone attacks were done by United States inside Pakistan which of course had done lots of collateral damage, relatives of the deceased started attacking Pakistani state and thus Pakistani version of Taliban grew inside Pakistan, Imran said and regretted that there was no word of appreciation by the United States.

Imran Khan urged the United Nations that Afghanistan is facing critical situation and it is time that they be incentivized. “ Help is needed in Afghanistan” Imran said. Prime Minister further urged the UN that it should mobilize the international community to help Afghanistan.
“I had told America years ago that there was no military solution to Afghanistan” Imran said while adding that Pakistan was the most effected country of what was happening in Afghanistan. Pakistan had to send its army for the first time to its tribal areas which gave birth to Pashtun Nationalism and they all became enemies of the state, Prime Minister Imran khan said and regretted that some European and Western countries are still calling Pakistan “Collaborators.”

While praising Pakistan army, Imran Khan said that “If it was not because of one of the best army and intelligence agency in the world Pakistan would have gone down.”

Taliban has promised that they will respect human rights, they will create inclusive government, they have announced amnesty for their opponents and they will not use their soil for international terrorists organizations and that it what the US Taliban Doha Peace Agreement was about, Imran khan said.

Prime Minister further said that Afghanistan is facing humanitarian crisis and according to the UN if they are not helped right away, by next year ninety percent Afghans will be starving.

While talking a jab at Indian Prime Minister, Natendra Modi, Imran Khan said that what could be worse human rights violations than that late Kashmir leader Ali Gillani’s dead body was snatched from his family and buried at undisclosed location by Indian forces. He urged the United Nations that Narendra Modi’s government be directed to return the remains of Ali Gillani to his family for his funeral according to Muslim rituals so that he can can buried at graveyard of the Kashmiri Martyrs.

India is trying to snatch the right of plebiscite from the people of Kashmir since 5th August 2019 and this right was assaulted to them by the United Nations, Imran Khan said. Imran Khan further added that double standards of human rights by some western countries needs to change and that human rights should be looked upon as “even handed”. Imran Khan regretted the fact that RSS is committing war crimes in India but some countries have turned blind eye towards them.

Prime Minister Imran Khan once again repeated his last year appeal during his speech at the United Nations that Islamophobia is being created by certain right wing extremists who try to compare Islam with terrorism. Imran Khan urged the United Nations that it should organize a global dialogue in this regard. Imran Khan said India is worse example of Islamophobia where 300 Muslims are being targeted because of being Muslims. Imran khan said that in India “Mosques are being destroyed, mob lynching is taking place, Muslims historic places are being distorted” and the Prime Minster termed India as being “criminal enterprise.”

Imran Khan also regretted the fact that certain first world countries are doing nothing about the wealth stolen by certain elites and stashed in their countries. He said that this wealth belonged the poor people of those countries and that it must be returned to those countries so that the money can be spend on development and improving the lives of the people.

Prime Minister Imran Khan started his speech by emphasis the need for combine efforts towards protecting environment and the initiatives which his government has taken in this regard.

The prime minister also spoke about how Corona has changed the world and how Corona does not look at nationality or race. He also spoke about his successful smart lockdown policies in Pakistan.

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