Imran project badly failed, says Muqam

Shafi Ullah

MINGORA: Adviser to the Prime Minister for Political and Public Affairs, National Heritage and Culture, Engr Amir Muqam here Saturday said that Parliament was the supreme institution and custodian of the rights of people of Pakistan and its supremacy would be ensured at all cost for progress and prosperity of the nation.

Addressing a function here at Barikot, Engr Amir Muqam said that all state institutions including parliament, executive and judiciary derived powers from the constitution of 1973 and the country could only achieve heights of success if it work under its constitutional domain. He said that supremacy of the parliament and constitution would be ensured and the rights of people would be protected.

Engr Amir Muqam said that devolopment process in KP and Punjab provinces was halted during the government of Imran Khan and people of KP were deprived of progress for 10 long years. He said Imran Khan’s lies based politics, egoism and stubbornness has been badly exposed before the nation and PTI would face people wrath in general election due to its poor performance in centre, Punjab and Khyber Pakthunkhwa provinces.

The Prime Minister’s Adviser said that Imran Niazi had been fielded/promoted in last election in a bid to politically and economically destabilize Pakistan and stopped the devolopment process of PML-N. He said the PTI government has installed its own signboards on the PML-N’s gas, electricity, roads, communication and NADRA projects in Swat.

He said if Imran Niazi Government continued for few more weeks, the country would have faced bankruptcy and Sri Lanka like economic situation. CPEC was halted and the country’s economy were ruined during Imran Govt, he said. He said a three times elected Prime Minister was disqualified on the ground of not taking salary from his son in the so called Panama case and from that day Pakistan has been started moving downwards.

Due to wrong economic and financial policies of Imran Govt, he said the value of dollar, price hike and inflation were increased manifolds. The Prime Minister’s Adviser said that conspiracies was again started against PML-N after the finance team of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has reached close to sign an important agreement with IMF.

He highly appreciated the support of UAE, China and Saudi Arabia for their extended help and assistance to Pakistan. Amir Muqam said those elements, who made conspiracy against Nawaz Sharif government has disappeared by themselves as they could not face public due to their negative role.

During Nawaz Sharif Government, he said that IMF Program has been sucessful completed and the PML-N would also complete this program after winning the election.