Imran remarks expose his sick mentality: Ikhtiar

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Syed Waliullah Shah

NOWSHERA: Member provincial assembly and PMLN KP Spokesman, Ikhtair Wali Khan on Saturday said the indecent remarks of former Prime Minister Imran Khan against PMLN Vice President Mayam Nawaz Sharif have exposed his sick mentality and disregard for women.
Wali said Imran Khan was scared of the popularity of PMLN Vice President, Maryam Nawaz and demanded him to immediately tender an apology over his indecent remarks against her. He said people of all walks of life including civil society and women’s bodies have strongly condemned Imran Khan’s derogatory remarks and declared it tantamount to disrespecting the entire women of Pakistan.
In a statement, he said former Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to put the country towards anarchy and chaos after playing havoc with the economy and putting Pakistan under a heavy loan burden. “Imran’s long march is nothing but to destabilize the democratic system and divert people’s attention from his government’s poor performance,” PMLN leader said in a statement here.
Despite the de-seat of 25 MPAs of Punjab Assembly, he said Chief Minister Punjab enjoyed a majority and would complete his term. He said the killing of SHO Shahpur and two Sikhs in broad daylight in Peshawar has testified that the KP government has failed to provide security to its people. “When even SHO is not safe, how can an ordinary person be safe,” he questioned.
He claimed that the Imran Niazi government had taken huge loans from IMF and US and sought more loans till his ouster from the PM’s office through a successful no-confidence motion. He said former Chairman FBR, Shabar Zaidi had officially announced some six months ago that Pakistan had entered a bankruptcy zone during the Imran government.
Wali said Imran’s government’s poor economic and fiscal policies resulted in unprecedented price hikes and inflation besides the rising of the Dollar against the rupee today. He said the price hike was a gift from the Imran government and the nation has never seen such a situation in the past developed due to the ill economic policies of the PTI government. Imran Khan is known for taking a u-turn and leveling allegations against political opponents, he added.
He said Imran Niazi did not like neutral umpires and alleged that Imran was looting KP’s resources for the last nine years and disappointed people. Wali questioned where was Imran Khan when over 70 people had lost their lives and over 100 were injured during a deadly suicide attack on a mosque at Kocha Risaldar Qissa Khwani a few weeks ago.
He said Imran had failed to provide hydel net profit to Khyber Pakthunkhwa despite his party’s government for the last nine years here.

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