Imran says ready for simultaneous polls

LAHORE (INP): Chairmen Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former premier, Imran Khan has said that they are ready for simultaneous elections if the government dissolves assemblies tomorrow.
Addressing the party activists during public rally organized by PTI in Lahore on Labour Day, he said, “The government should confirm the dissolution of assemblies before May 14 in the next round of talks. We are ready for elections on the same day if assemblies dissolve tomorrow.” Imran Khan strongly criticized the PDM parties and said that they will only hold polls after seeing an opportunity to get victorious and removing Imran Khan from their path. “They want to jail Imran Khan or kill him. They attacked Pervaiz Elahi’s home like dacoits after they attacked my home and arrested PTI workers.”
He said, “Ali Amin Gandapur is being shifted to different jails and my security officer Iftikhar Ghumman was also arrested. They are arresting PTI workers to weaken our political party.” The PTI chief announced that they will take to the streets if anyone tries to break the Constitution and go against the Supreme Court (SC). “We will not be silent if anyone goes against the Constitution.”
Khan vowed that PTI will stand with the Constitution if the rulers try to run away from elections and violate the constitution. “We have always staged peaceful protests due to the deteriorated economic situation. If they break the Constitution then there would the law of jungle in Pakistan.” “This country is heading towards destruction and unemployment is rising day by day. If they reject the Supreme Court’s decision then the nation will come out of their homes with me.”
Imran Khan said that PTI is holding the rally to show solidarity with the labourers and for the rule of law. “Everything will be clearly seen in the next week whether there is the rule of law in this country or not. PTI will stand with the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP).”