Imran says will soon give protest call

F.P. Report
PESHAWAR: PTI chairman Imran Khan on Friday asked the “neutrals” — the term he uses for the military establishment — who was responsible for the security breach at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).
“I ask them [neutrals] that the audio leaks of the Prime Minister Office […] if the security of the Prime Minister Office has been breached […] this means that our enemies have our sensitive information,” Imran said in a speech at Edwardes College in Peshawar on Friday. “Who is responsible for it?” “I ask the protectors today […] if robbers are looting a house, can the guards say that they are neutral? What will the residents say? That the house is being looted but the guards say they are neutral,” Imran said, claiming that Pakistan, too, was being “looted” today.
He went on that if the “neutrals” were only responsible for cracking down on social media users, YouTubers, and television channels, then “who will protect the interests of the country”. The PTI chief then addressed his supporters and reiterated that people who called themselves apolitical were, “in fact, animals”.
“More than 2,000 years ago Aristotle said that if there is injustice and tyranny in a society, then everyone should stand up against it and be political.” Imran said that if “we say we are apolitical, then we will be responsible for the injustices in the society”. Subsequently, the PTI chief said that he was preparing the nation for his call against the “imported and corrupt government”, saying that he would set out against them even if he had to do it alone.
“If I have no fear […] I am not afraid of going to jail or losing my life […] then the nation should also not be scared. “I am preparing my nation today that I will under no circumstances accept these looters. So wait for my call and when I will give the call, there will be no going back,” Imran added.
Meanwhile, the PTI Chairman Imran Khan will announce a date for the long march towards Islamabad within seven days, the top PTI huddle decided on Friday. The senior leadership of the party met today where it was decided that the time for giving the final call for a protest in Islamabad has finally arrived.
According to sources, the long march could be announced in the third week of October and Imran Khan has directed the senior leadership to start preparations for the long march.