Imran sees country in throes of fascism

LAHORE (NNI): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan claimed on Wednesday that the entire country was in the throes of fascism.
Taking to Twitter, the deposed premier lamented, “The way we have descended into becoming a banana republic where there is no rule of law and only the law of the jungle. It is clear that this reign of terror is not controlled by PDM puppets but by another force that sees itself totally above the law. Our people are abducted, and afterwards sham FIRs are registered.” Ruing the cases lodged against him, Mr Khan said, “As bail in one FIR is granted, another FIR pops up. I have over 145 FIRs filed against me. Its a circus of FIRs. My Bani Gala caretaker, my Zaman Park cook, our social media’s Mashwani, Waqas, and my security incharge, Ghumman, – all abducted and tortured to try and update their software.”
Speaking about the arrest of PTI stalwart Ali Amin Gandapur, Mr Khan said, “Ali Amin got bail in one sham case, and another FIR popped up. Now another one with the police taking him to Lahore.
“Despite falling ill on the way and being taken to the hospital, Ali Amin was removed from the hospital before he had stabilised”, Mr Khan maintained.
On Monday, Mr Khan said the constitution could not prevail in the country if the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) did not release funds for the Punjab Assembly elections. Speaking to media outside the courtroom, the deposed premier said, Despite the fact that the constitution states that negotiations are not needed, we are doing negotiations for the sake of elections. The possibility of holding the electionsafter 90 days does not exist. There are constitutional limits on holding the elections over more than 90 days.”
Mr Khan was of the view that the interim setup should be replaced with the administrator, who should perform the task of holding the elections in the province. He alleged that the interim government was indulging in a political vendetta.
Mr Khan said, “Who is talking that we had strained relations with the US and KSA. General Bajwa launched a campaign against our government because he wanted an extension. Within three months, two meetings of the OIC were held in the country. Is this happened before in the country?”
“We were having strong relationships with China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Donald Trump, and Boris Johnson. Who is ready to talk with the incumbent government?” he added.
Mr Khan maintained, “Already in the country, the fundamental human rights are being badly violated”.