Imran will have to pay the price of fake narrative of regime change: Asif

ISLAMABAD (APP): Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Monday said PTI Chief Imran Khan have to pay the political price for his lies and changing narrative regarding foreign conspiracy behind his ouster from power.
Speaking on a point of order in the National Assembly, Asif quoting Imran’s interview with Financial Times, said Imran took an other U-turn expressing the desire to mend relations with the United States despite accusing it of treating Paksitan as a ‘slave’.
Imran has buried his narrative of Haqiqi Azadi and imported government. He said Imran’s politics revolves around fake narratives and lies which compromised national interests. Khawaja Asif said Imran Khan’s political rhetoric in the past and the recent one regarding cipher are based on local political consumption.
Imran’s accusations against the US had embarrassed the entire country. Now he was saying to forget that narrative which already damaged country’s relations abroad. Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf (PTI) should sit home instead of disturbing routine life of the people through its long march. Imran did not stand over his narrative more than a few weeks. He has compromised the honour and dignity of the country. He wrongly termed the constitutional process of his ouster from power by tabling a confidence motion as foreign conspiracy. He urged the august House to ponder over it as Imran Khan must not go scot-free.
He should have to pay the price of his persistent lies.