Imran’s call for long march attempted to destabilize country, economy: Muqam

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Adviser to the Prime Minister for Political and Public Affairs and National Heritage, Engr Amir Muqam here on Friday said that Pakistan Tahrik e Insaf Chairman Imran Khan’s proposed long march was an attempt to destabilize the country, democracy as well as the economy. He said that the people would reject such unjustified move due to aimless agitation politics of the PTI leader.

Addressing a press conference here at press club, Engr Amir Muqam said Imran Khan was known for taking u-turns and his double standard politics was exposed before masses on many occasions.

“The people wanted to know the motives behind Imran Khan’s proposed and aimless long march,” he said, adding such tactics were aimed to get cheap popularity. He said Imran Khan’s recent audio leaks including the one related to horse trading have exposed his ill designs and attempts to mislead the nation.
Instead to focus on rehabilitation of flood victims of the country including KP, he said Imran Khan was concentrating on agitation politics to raise his sagging political image after his popularity significantly declined among masses.

He said the agenda of Imran Khan to reach the power corridor through backdoor channels again would never succeed and would not be allowed to destabilize democracy in the name of aimless long marches and sit ins in Islamabad.

Engr Amir Muqam said that Imran Khan did not like neutral and had lost political sense after successful no confidence motion against him. He said opposition leaders including PMLN supremo Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Capt (Retd) Muhammad Safdar and Finance Minister Muhammad Ishaq Dar were victimized and the acquittal of Maryam Nawaz Sharif and Capt Safdar in Avenfield reference proved their innocence today after long political and legal struggle.

The PM aide strongly condemned the use of lathi charge and tear gas by police against peaceful teachers who were just demanding promotion in Peshawar. He said use of force against teachers exposed PTI government designs of having no regards for peaceful protestors.

Engr Amir Muqam strongly condemned the racist remarks against Pakthoons on a private TV program and demanded an immediate apology from Pakthoons. He said the entry of Fawad Chaudhary may be banned in KP by Pakhtoons if he failed to tender an apology from them.

He said general elections would be held on time and the present coalition government would complete its tenure. He said the coalition government’s bold economic decisions had saved the country from default and bankruptcy.

Engr Muqam claimed that political intolerance of PTI has been exposed before the nation after the desecration incident against PMLN leadership at the holy mosque of Masjid e Nabwi (SAWW) and asked the PTI leadership including Imran Khan that who was responsible after protestors lost jobs and put in jails besides expelled.

To a question about provincial rights and development funds for merged areas besides net hydel power’s arrears, he said where the Chief Minister KP and Provincial Ministers were when Imran Khan was enjoying absolute power in the Centre for four years. “I ask from CM KP and Provincial Ministers why they have not taken up the issue of net hydel power arrears, merged areas’ funds and others provincial rights issues with former PM Imran Khan Govt.”

He said that 18th constitutional amendment had empowered the provincial governments to generate revenue and increase tax collection. He said federal government extended full support to provinces and without the Centre’s support, KP Govt would have been unable to pass their fourth budget that was purely election-oriented.

Muqam said that PTI Govt did not reciprocate to the good well gesture of the Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif after he offered it to provide subsidized flour to people of KP on 50:50 cost share. He said the price of flour has been increased in KP after removal of Hamaza Shahbaz Govt in Punjab.

The value of dollar against rupee has been slashed after Finance Minister Ishaq Dar took over and hopefully would be further dropped to below Rs200 soon and the country would achieve economic prosperity under Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif leadership.

Ikhtair Wali Khan, PMLN spokesman and member provincial assembly said the opposition members’ meeting with Chief Minister KP was totally meant for demands of development funds for their constituencies rather than showing unanimity with KP government for not releasing funds for the province by the Centre.

He accused the KP government for depriving constituencies of opposition members from development funds and recruitment of class-VI employees besides misuse of its helicopter.

He further alleged that PTI was using provincial resources for political gains by recruiting social media influencers and heavy funds were being given to LG representatives for political mobilization for Imran Khan’s proposed long march. (APP)