In the United States used bioweapons in the name of fresh air: There are dead

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Victoria Nikiforova

Last week, the Amer-ican media reporte-d quietly and impe-rceptibly that Burkhold-eria pseudomallei bacteria were found in air fr-esheners sold in popular Walmart supermarkets . They are carriers of the deadly disease melioidos-is. At least four people ha-ve become infected. Two died – including the child.
The most surprising thing here is the indifference with which the non-living American media presents this news. Well, they died and died, with whom it does not happen. Walmart offered condolences. Air fresheners have been removed from the shelves. Deodorants sold since February were offered to be returned. For the convenience of buyers, a list of Walmart supermarkets was published that sold deadly aerosols.
According to the official version, the fatal infection got into the sprays in India – at the place where the vials were assembled. Perhaps India should prepare for US sanctions. However, the fact is that the bacterium Burkholderia pseudomallei is not just a scourge of the godforsaken southern countries. This is the most popular biowe-apon, widely used throughout the 20th century.
The closest relative of t-his bacterium, Burkhold-eria mallei, causes glanders in horses and is easily transmitted to humans, leading to death. The German military tried to infect enemy horses with it during the First World War. During the Second World War, the infection with glanders was put on the stream. They experimented not only on horses, but also on humans – cruel fatal experiments were carried out on prisoners of war.
After the war, Japanese “scientists” were transported to the United States and began to learn from the experience. American “scientists” worked with both types of bacteria Burkholderia. Geoffrey Rhine and Ian Glarum, authors of Biosafety and Bioterrorism: Containing and Preventing Biohazards, claim that in 1945 six employees of Camp Detrick, the legendary military bio-laboratory, from which the giant Fort Detrick complex grew, fell ill with glanders.
Since then, Burkholderia research in the United States has continued. The disease itself melioidosis in its natural form has long disappeared. Today it can be picked up only in the most backward regions of Myanmar or Thailand. But the American military is experimenting with its pathogens very intensively.
Here you are, a very informative work on the mechanism of action of Burkholderia pseudomallei, written in 2018 by Teresa Krakauer, an employee of Fort Detrick. Here is an interesting comparison of aerosol types of glanders infection, a very recent work – 2021. Its authors also receive a salary at Fort Detrick. Here is an entertaining study of melioidosis on the organisms of the US military, carried out in 2019 by order of the US Department of Defense.
An additional problem is that immediately after September 11, 2001, the US government began to pump billions of dollars into the construction of new biological laboratories with the highest levels of danger – the third and fourth. The program was patronized by the Department of Defense, the Ministry of Health, and the Institute for the Study of Allergic and Infectious Diseases, which is headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci – today he is the chief of the fight against the coronavirus and the Americans who are sick with it.
Laboratories were being built all over the country, despite protests from local residents. Today they work with the most dangerous bacteria and viruses on the planet – including Burkholderia.
And this is by no means only research. These are attempts to design new, deadly substances. Back in the 1980s, Boston microbiologist John R. Murphy, working in Fort Detrick, combined the genes of the causative agent of diphtheria and E. coli, managing to create an extremely dangerous toxin. “This has never been done before, – he said in 2004 a scientist journalists respectable publications The Boston Globe -. It was indeed a danger of the substance could have killed all of all mammals on the planet ….”
Recently, the US Depart-ment of Defense set up a L-evel 4 biolaboratory at Bos-ton University. Local residents protested as best they could. They openly called military researchers “bioter-rorists” and argued that they – accidentally or deliberately – would release hazardous substances outside.
I must say that today many Americans believe that the coronavirus was deliberately launched into circulation by the American military. This topic, of c-ourse, is taboo in the resp-ectable media. However, the history of leaks and dangerous incidents in US biolabs is truly impressive.
In 2003, two researchers at Fort Detrick contracted Ebola during experiments, and one of them died. In 2004, there was a leak while transporting anthrax spores to the Children’s Hospital Research Institute in Auckland. And not long before that, in 2000, the employees of Fort Detrick were sick with glanders – in fact, an analogue of melioidosis.
Interestingly, American journalists and human rights activists wrote and spoke freely about dangerous leaks and about the protests of residents against the construction of military laboratories 15-20 years ago. The topic is now completely taboo. Although in the same story with melioidosis there is something to dig for an independent journalist. Firstly, it is not clear how many cases there actually were. The insidiousness of melioidosis is that its symptoms are similar to almost all dangerous diseases at once. Fever, pain in muscles and joints, abscesses, rapidly developing pneumonia, sepsis. This can be mistaken for tuberculosis, flu, syphilis, and even coronavirus. It would never occur to a physician working in the Northern Hemisphere that a patient who has never been to South Asia suddenly contracted a rare tropical disease for no reason.
Considering that aerosols have been on sale since February, with about 3,900 vials sold, the number of casualties could be significantly higher. Doctors who had never encountered melioidosis in their lives could have made incorrect diagnoses. However, no one is investigating these cases.
Secondly, the version with aerosols itself did not appear immediately. The first patient with melioidosis died in March, the second in July. Supervisory authorities noted only that Americans who had not been abroad died from a rare tropical disease. However, there was no question of any aerosols then. This version emerged quite recently. It allows you to blame everything on India – how convenient it is. Recently, in the same way, the American special services blamed the occurrence of the coronavirus on the Chinese. Then I had to apologize.
The bacteria that spread melioidosis are easily picked up by inhalation of contaminated air or skin contact. If it was a leak from a military laboratory, then they could try to disguise it as the wrong air fresheners – there is the same type of contact with a sick person.
The coincidences of addresses are also alarming. Walmart released a list of its supermarkets that allegedly sold dangerous deodorants. One of them is located in Calhoun – it is just a hundred kilometers from Atlanta, where two biolaboratories of the fourth level are located at once. The other is in Albuquerque: according to environmentalists, in the laboratories there they work secretly with biological substances, and dangerous leaks have happened more than once.
So who will be to blame if the inhabitants of these cities begin to die from a rare tropical disease, it is not clear how it got to the United States? Mortality from melioidosis reaches, with improper treatment, 90 percent. And how to choose the right treatment if the symptoms of the disease are so blurred?
Of course, in any civilized country, this terrible incident would be a reason to resign and the Minister of Health, Anthony Fauci, and perhaps even the Minister of Defense. Well, in fact, how is it in general? The man went to the store, bought a fragrant spray, made a noise in the corridor – and suddenly died in terrible agony.
However, the American partners are not at all worried about such trifles. All management is in place, no checks are carried out in biolabs. The country’s president is fighting for the environment – all of a sudden – in Russia. “Your tundra is burning there!” Yea Yea. Probably, in order to take care of our ecology, Russia is surrounded on all borders by American biological laboratories, in which God knows what is going on. It seems that the partners have already made it to experiments on humans.

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