Inattentive polio supervisor halts anti-polio campaign

Inattentive polio supervisor halts anti-polio campaign

Ahmad Nabi

LANDI KOTAL: Former area supervisor Loy-Shelman blamed that due to negligence of the polio unit supervisor, conducting an effective polio eradication campaign was impossible.

Addressing to a press conference ex-polio area supervisor Shamsher said that it was the policy of polio campaign to hire services of local people for the drive however the rule was violated in case one Abdul Hadi, Unit Supervisor (US) who was residing in the Peshawar. Flanked by Faridullah and Niaz Wali, he added that because of inattentive attitude of the US scores of children had left without vaccination in previous polio drive.

Manager Community Base Vaccination(CBV)Dr Sher Amin support the careless US Abdul Hadi that suffered polio campaign in the area he added and saying the mentioned US corrupted funds specialized for community engage program. The US with assistance of the highup had collected thousands rupees bribe for the posts of polio worker and as a result uneducated and unable persons had been posted on the slots who could not carry out the drive as per scheme, he added.

He maintained that number of compliant had been lodged against him with the health officials but to in avail. He demanded of the polio abolition program authorities to take immediate notice of the irregularities of the polio campaign in Loy-Shelman and bring to book those who found involved in wrongdoings.

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