Independence of Kashmir in the guise of interests

The OIC is the second largest organization of 57 Muslim countries after the United Nations, but it does not look like there should be unity and consensus among its member countries. Many countries of this organization are pointing guns at each other, but there is no difference on Palestine and Kashmir issues, all countries individually fully support Palestine and Kashmir cause. The OIC member states must first resolve their differences, and even if they do not, it is time to take a firm stand on the Kashmir issue. In particularly, the rhetoric, criticism, concern and condemnation from the Islamic countries is not doing anything. The way India is violating the sanctity of the chaddar (veil) and the char divari (four walls of home) in the occupied valley, playing with the blood of innocent people, this blood is also on the heads of those who can stop the hand of the oppressor, but the world is a victim of worldly interests. Unless OIC member states disguise their interests and unite in good faith against nihilist forces, OIC meetings will continue to lead to sit-ins and denunciations, and will not be able to convince the international community of their position.

 It is gratifying that the Kashmir issue has come to the forefront of the OIC member states’ meeting, a major diplomatic victory for Pakistan over India over the Kashmir issue. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting passed a resolution on Occupied Kashmir. The OIC rejected India’s August 5 move in Occupied Kashmir and also passed a resolution against Indian atrocities in Kashmir. According to the text of the resolution, the Kashmir dispute has been on the agenda of the Security Council for more than seven decades, OIC has rejected India’s move on August 5, 2019 and demanded that India withdraw all its illegal actions by saying Indian actions are a direct violation of Security Council resolutions. It was also said in the resolution that the Indian measures were aimed at snatching other rights of Kashmiris, including the referendum, all illegal unilateral measures taken in Jammu and Kashmir should be withdrawn and the Indian government should refrain from taking all possible steps to change the current population ratio in the disputed region. The resolution also condemned the Indian attitude, the Balakot tragedy, the aggression on the LOC and Working Boundary.

There is no doubt that India is fully mobilized to defeat Pakistan in the diplomatic arena, but for the first time, Prime Minister Imran Khan has raised the issue of Kashmir on all platforms, including the United Nations, and India is failing despite its diplomatic conspiracies. In this regard, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is right to say that India has nothing to show in Kashmir, they can only show the story of atrocities in occupied Kashmir. India is automatically unveiling itself in front of the world as India had started propaganda before the OIC meeting that Kashmir is not on the agenda, but the world has seen that the OIC meeting is not just a resolution on the Kashmir issue. It also strongly condemned the atrocities committed by the Indian government and demanded withdrawal of all illegal unilateral measures. Similarly, Opposition parties in the country were also accusing the government of not conducting effective diplomacy on Kashmir situation, but after the OIC meeting passed a resolution on occupied Kashmir, it became clear that the government’s diplomatic efforts are proving to be fruitful. However, merely condemning statements and approving resolutions is not going to solve the Kashmir issue

There is no doubt that even if the OIC meeting passes resolutions on Kashmir, Palestine and Islamophobia, it will not have a significant impact on the people of the oppressed regions and the global wave of Islamophobia because The approval of these resolutions will not free Kashmir, nor will the oppressed people of Palestine be liberated from the domination of the illegitimate state of Israel, nor will the extremist elements of the Western world refrain from blasphemy and insulting the Holy Prophet (SAW). The resolutions passed in the past bear witness to the fact that these resolutions without enforcement have proved to be absolutely ineffective and useless. The status of such resolutions is nothing more than moral pressure, which countries like India and Israel are not ready to realize. The only practical way, recently, Azerbaijan has shown the oppressed of the Islamic world that through a bold move the Armenian-occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region has been liberated by the sword. As a result of the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir was able to be liberated with the blessings of the courageous act of Jihad. Although Pakistan had just come into being at that time, it had neither army nor economy, but Quaid-e-Azam had succeeded in the world only with the spirit of jihad. Wherefore, Kashmir issue will not be resolved with condemnation statements and the approval of resolutions in OIC, for the independence of Occupied Kashmir, we will have to take off the cloak of expediency.

Article by Attiya Munawer
Email: attiabutt121@gmail.com

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