India infuriated after Labour leader highlights ‘humanitarian crisis’ in occupied Kashmir

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LONDON (Web Desk): India’s High Commission in London was infuriated after a UK’s Labour Party leader highlighted a “humanitarian crisis” in the Indian occupied Kashmir and expressed solidarity with the Kashmiris.

UK’s shadow culture secretary and the deputy leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, used strong words to call out India over its aggression, violence, and human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir during the Kashmir Solidarity Day rally outside Birmingham City Council.

Referring to the people he has been associated with over the past two decades, Watson said: “I’ve never seen more worry on your faces than I’ve seen in the last 25 days. You’re worried about your loved ones that you can’t communicate with.”

The Labour Party leader noted that people in occupied Kashmir “do not get medical supplies” and how “there’s no food or water or basic provisions”.

The ongoing media and communications blackout, as well as the lack of basic necessities, “is what they call a humanitarian crisis”, he noted. “That is a responsibility for all of us in the international community.”

Infuriated by Watson’s words, the Indian High Commission in London responded to the tweet, denying “facts on the ground” and saying: “Most of the phones working, no shortage of essential supplies and medicines, shops open, transport plying normally, most schools open, restrictions on movement substantially relaxed.

“Life is returning to normal. The High Commission will keep updating,” it said in a tweet.

That was enough for Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister and a prominent British leader to call out India once again.

AJK PM Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan wrote: “We the people of Kashmir r grateful to Tom Watson for his comments in favour of oppressed ppl of J&k.”

On the other hand, Birmingham City Council member and Labour Party councillor, Waseem Zafar, underscored how India was not allowing independent observers to determine on-ground situation.

“If you’ve nothing to hide, why are you not allowing independent observers to visit? If your ‘facts’ are actually facts, they will be independently verified,” he said.

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