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India Media Spreads Fanaticism and Antipathy

Umar Ali Awan

In lieu of giving their attention towards pandemic and severe stand-off with China in Ladakh, Indian media houses picked Pakistan to censure. They didn’t highlight when dozens of Indian soldiers have lost their lives in valley. The one thing which Indian media is not doing is journalism. For Indian media name of Pakistan and the Muslims has become the most profitable business. The Muslims are severely ridiculed on television debates and reporting. Indian media has become a platform to peddle hatred against Muslims. They are portraying the whole Muslims community as backward, primitive and disloyal to India. They are openly denounced and called anti-national gang. Night after night, TV debates focus not on holding government accountable but trigger communal rift between Hindus and Muslims. They are spreading venom in society and poisoning people’s thought process.

Media is omnipotent and has become most powerful tool of 21st century. It is as powerful as nukes. It sets the trends, topples governments and has robust power to change public perception. Nations use media as a tool against foe states.

Media is deeply influencing the behaviors of the people. For patronage media houses work as per wishes of state representatives. Media channels sometimes exaggerate issues such a way that people start to think according to their choices. Electronic and print media just for sake of profits do not unleash the truth and remain masses in the obscure.

In third world countries, illiterate and underdog majority exploit easily. Owing to the lack of knowledge they completely forget the difference between right and wrong. Political parties use this platform to change masses opinion. Governments usually use this tool to promote their particular ideologies and to protect vested interests. Populist leaders of the world, particularly dictators use media platform to maintain their hegemony. Nationalist leaders promote ultra-rightist agenda for their political objectives.

India media is converting Indian youth to an organize mob who instead to peruse their goals become rioters of political parties. As someone rightly said, “the Indian media is not doing journalism but waging a jihad (holy war) against Muslims. Ample 24-hour national news channels, is notorious for biased reporting and blowing communal hatred in society.

Their anchors routinely engage in spreading fake news and causing hatred towards the country’s 210 million Muslim community and Islam.

They, in fact, nourish Islamophobia. They promote the agenda of the Hindutva forces including the Rashtriya Swayam-sevak Sangh (RSS), its ruling political wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

There are many more news and at least 17 Hindu religious channels in regional languages across India that promote the agenda of the Hindutva forces to establish a Hindu Rashtra (nation) and impose Hindi as the national language all over the plural, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual country of 1.35 billion people.

Arnab Goswami 47, channel editor and news anchor, no one can beat him in spreading hatred and fake news.

He is the staunch supporter of Hindutava and paid minion of BJP. He spreads extremism, anti-minorities and anti-Pakistan agendas. He can be equated with anti-Semitic journalist and writer Julius Streicher who peddled hatred against Jews under Hitler Nazism. At the end of the World War II, he was convicted of crimes against humanity in the Nuremberg trials and eventually executed.

This sort of attitude of Indian media are actually the leafs which is directly taken from the Dr Goebbels, who was propaganda minister of Hitler. Media was used in an effective manner to spread Nazi propaganda in Germany. Media only highlighted that how Hitler was working day and night for Germany. Only Nazi ideology was reflected in the newspaper and radio.

When objections were raised on Hitler policies, Nazi’s media asked people that Germany must revert to its golden age. Therefore, questions couldn’t ask. If anybody dared to do this, he was considered pro-western and anti-national. In the case of India only Hindutava ideology being peddled by media. For Hindutave zealots, India media are peddling fake news frequently and people have started to believe it.

Social media was the driving force behind Arab Spring 1.0 in Middle East and 2.0 in North Africa. Social Media Algorithm was used in U.S presidential election  in the favor of Donald Trump. Media has a lot of influence even Daiesh exacerbated inhumane ideals through it. Islamophobia is also a product of media.

Christ Church’s barbarianism in New Zealand is glaring example in this regard. Right to information is fundamental right, Human Rights charter of United Nation also emphasizes on it. But what about accurate and exact information.

The world should also do something profound to address this matter.

Bold lines: Name of Pakistan and the Muslims has become the most profitable business in Indian media.

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