Indian allegations

Indian allegations

India is consistently selling its narrative of being victim of terrorism by labeling the freedom struggle waged by Kashmiri Muslims as cross-border terrorism supported by Pakistan. The fabricated narrative was not effectively rebutted in the last Nawaz Sharif government; rather it was strengthened by excluding the very mention of Kashmir dispute from the text of joint communiqué issued after Nawaz Sharif-Narendra Modia meeting in the Russian city of Ufa on July 10, 2015 and registering an FIR against the unnamed terrorists in a police station of Gujranwala after the Pattankot airbase false-flag operation.

Speaking during an online event arranged by Asia Pacific Society, Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar alleged that terrorism remain publicly acknowledged policy of  the government of Pakistan, which makes difficult normalization of relation between the two neighbours. He also blamed Pakistan for being averse to boosting bilateral trade by giving India the status of most favoured nation to and connecting it with Afghanistan via land route.

In response Foreign Office has rejected the unwarranted and tendentious comments of Jaishankar. Indain leadership was reminded of its August 5, 2019 action of abrogating the special constitutional status of occupied Kashmir; arrest and martyring Kashmiri youth, and intensified ceasefire violation of line of control. Citing the thwarting of convening of SARC summit in Islamabad since 2016, the Foreign Office spokesperson stated that India has made hostage this organisation of regional cooperation, hindering the promotion of trade between the member countries. He touched upon the implication of BJP government ideology of Hindutva being implemented to marganilise Muslims and other minorities of India. 

After assuming power for the second tenure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has adopted two pronged anti-Muslim policy. The policy comprises ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Muslims in occupied Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, granting special status to Kashmir; Article 35-A of the Constitution of the State of Kashmir, and marginalizing 200 Indian Muslims by enforcing Citizens Amendment Act 2019 and Citizens Registration Register.

Indian forces are using brute force and martyrs the Kashmiri youth. The provisions of new domicile law entitles non-Kashmiris for getting bonafide citizenship certificate by virtue of his or hers stay for few years in the Indian held Kashmir or has passed Matric examination from a school there. The law shall be used to change the demography of Kashmir by converting it into a Hindu majority state. Kashmiri leadership had rejected the new domicile law and is fully aware of ethnic cleansing of Muslim Population.

A 64 years old citizenship law was amended through Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, with the sole objective to marganilise 200 million Muslim minority of India. Protests across the country broke out against this draconian legislation. In West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Benerji led protest rallies. It was challenged in the Indian Supreme Court but the Apex Court did not grant stay against the operation of amended citizenship law. Few leaders of Islamic countries and United Nations Secretay General had expressed concern over the discriminatory law targeting Muslims in India. Human Rights organisations have also expressed anguish and indignation over it.

Now Muslims in India are unfairly blamed for spreading Covid-19. Some Hindu Nationalist politicians have supported RSS vigilantes to spur the trending of topic “Corona Jihad” on the social media. It is now for the world powers and UN to exert pressure on Modi government to stop implementation of fascist agenda against Muslims.  In his virtual address to the UN General assembly on 26th September, P M Imran Khan had urged the international community to stop Indian leadership from enforcement RSS agenda in Kashmir and their aggressive designs against Pakistan.

It is high time that reinvigorated Indian narrative against Pakistan should be countered by proactive and sustained diplomacy. The Foreign Office and our diplomats posted in the UN, capitals of world powers and other important countries should immediately launch a counter diplomacy, buttressed by public diplomacy.

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