Indian comedian Kapil Sharma recalls having suicidal thoughts in depression

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MUMBAI: Indian comedian, actor Kapil Sharma shocked his fans when he opened up about having suicidal thoughts in the depression phase back in 2017.

Kapil Sharma got candid in an interview with Sudhir Chaudhary where he was asked: “Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?”

In response to this question, he admitted while saying: “There was a time when I thought about committing suicide. I felt isolated and believed that there was nobody to whom I can share my feelings.”

He said: “I belong to a background where mental health is not something that can be discussed, this was not the first time when I went through this phase. Perhaps, I must have been depressed most of the time in life but nobody ever noticed.”

While sharing his hard feelings Kapil Sharma said, “In desi households, once you go out to get money and you are single, there is nobody to take care of what you feel or which period of life you go through.”

“After overcoming the hard phase of life, you become aware of the realities of people. You start seeing things in different ways”, he added.

According to him, just because an artist is sensitive doesn’t make him a fool.

Kapil Sharma noted that If an artist is sensitive, it does not mean that he is foolish.

He advised the people, “If someone is going through depressive situations, I will tell him that this is only a temporary period of life that will pass because nothing is permanent in this world.”