Indian Navy officer dies firefighting on aircraft carrier

KARWAR (Web Desk): Lieutenant Commander DS Chauhan, Indian navy commander, reportedly died in a fire that broke out on ‘INS Vikramaditya‘ aircraft carrier on Friday.

India’s only aircraft carrier was entering the harbour in Karnataka‘s Karwar when it caught fire onboard where commander lost consciousness due to the fumes and smokes while fighting for his survival but failed to do so.

He was evacuated to the hospital where he later lost the battle of his life, NDTV reported stating Indian Navy’s statement. “Lieutenant Commander DS Chauhan bravely led the firefighting efforts in the affected compartment.”

It was reported that the situation was brought under control by the crew.

Fire damaged only combat capability of the aircraft as no other serious damage was done.

Inquiry board has been ordered to investigate the situation as no other details were disclosed.

The $2.35 billion aircraft carrier was commissioned into the Indian Navy in November 2013 at the Sevmash shipyard in north Russia’s Severodvinsk where it completed its sea and aviation trials and brought to India in January 2014.

Aircraft carrier is reported to be 40,000 tonnes heavy with 284 meters long and 60 meters high along 20 story building.

INS Vikramaditya is India’s biggest and heaviest ship in the Indian Navy.