Indian sailing vessel ‘Jamna Sagar’ sink in Arabian sea

F.P. Report
KARACHI: On 9th August, an Indian sailing vessel ‘Jamna Sagar’ sunk in Arabian sea near Gwadar with 10 Crew members onboard. On responding to distress call, Pakistan Maritime Information Centre requested a nearby merchant ship MT KRUIBEKE to provide necessary assistance to the stranded crew of drowning sailing vessel.
The merchant ship eventually recovered 9 crew member and continued voyage to its next port Dubai and onward disembarked the crew. At the same time one Pakistan Navy Ship along with two helicopters also reached the areas and located the dead body of one crew member who was earlier missing at the time of drowning of sailing vessel. The dead body was recovered and handed over to PMSA authorities for further proceedings.
The successful search and rescue operation by Pakistan Navy is a practical manifestation of PN’s resolve for Safety of Life at Sea. Pakistan Navy always remained at the forefront in extending its support for any emergency search and rescue situation in its waters and beyond.