Inflation grips the capital’s markets ahead of the holy month Ramzan

Abdullah Malik

ISLAMABAD: The federal capital Islamabad has been hit by surging price-hike with the holy month of Ramazan just around the corner as the prices of different vegetable, fruits, Chicken and other markets selling commodities of daily routine witness increase on Friday the Frontier Post visits different markets of the capital on Friday to check the prices inside the capital.

According to details, an increase of around Rs20-30 has been witnessed in products of daily use as well market is facing shortage of different items due to the lock-down imposed by the government following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

On Friday markets across the federal capital the potato was sold at Rs75/kg but on Thursday one day ago same potato was available on Rs55-60 according the interviews done with vendors by the scribe. The onion inside the capital was sold on 50-55 but the onion price increased by 20 rupees and was sold on 75 rupees on Friday in markets.

The garlic price one day ago was Rs350-60/kg but the market observed 40 rupees increase today and garlic was sold on Rs 390-400 in markets across the capital.

The most usable item in kitchens and juices are lemon which price was also increased by Rs40 and lemon is available on Rs380/kg inside the market. The bitter gourd vegetable prices also surged in Capital markets and the price reach from Rs100/KG to 130. Additionally the prices of ladyfinger increase to 130 from 110 on Friday along other vegetable items also see a surge in prices.

Its pertained to mentioned here that Capital administration has launched an online Application (DURUST DAM) which deliver different kitchen items on door steps to citizens of Islamabad and the administration appealing repeatedly to the residents of Islamabad to use the app for purchasing kitchen items to discourage hoarders and other artificial masses who create inflation in market and till yet around 20,000 people registered on this online app.

The chicken meat prices surged after the lockdown up to Rs75/KG in different markets of the federal capital. According to the official rates available with this scribe before lockdown the chicken meat was sold on Rs90/KG but after lockdown and the supply chain management disturbed due to ban on transport the prices of per Kg chicken reached to 130. Interestingly the price of chicken was 130 on Thursday one day ago but today the per/kg chicken meat price reached to 165 with an increase of 35 rupees. Islamabad administration official responded that the who machinery of the administration are vacated for fighting the covid-19 but still we have formed teams from yesterday we have started a full fledge operation across the capital to combat the hoarders and the inflationist will not be spared at any cost.

The market also witnessed an increase of prices in different fruits on Friday, A vendor in Islamabad told Frontier Post that we are earning a profit of 10-20 rupees on one Kg but today the prices increased and the vegetable markets supplied different items on expensive rates. He added that I purchased 12 KG apple box on Rs1800 one day ago but same was available on Rs 2400 today in the market. The banana per/dozen price was Rs110 one day ago but the price was increased to Rs150 on Friday with an increase of 40 rupees. The guava price was increased up to 30 rupees and was available on Rs140/kg in market, water melon price was increase up to Rs10/KG as well the prices of strawberry prices was also increased. Interestingly the vendor claim isn’t factual that prices increased in the market and same items available on Sabzi Mandi app on low prices.