Inflation rises to 16.49 pc: PBS

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The weekly report of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) Friday acknowledged an increase of 0.52 percent in inflation to reach 16.49 percent in the country.

Inflation for the lowest income earners was recorded at 17.36 percent.
As per the PBS report, prices of 20 essential commodities have risen in recent weeks.

During the last week, prices of chicken rose by Rs24.45 percent, onions by Rs3.80, ghee by Rs4.60, beef by Rs2.38, mutton by Rs0.33paisa (per kg) and bananas by Rs4.63 according to the PBS report.

Meanwhile, prices of nine essential commodities have been decreased in recent weeks.

As per the PBS report, in one week, prices of tomatoes decreased by Rs15.65, garlic by Rs14.17, eggs by Rs1.69, dal mash by Rs1.72 and dal moong by Rs0.65. 20 kg bag of wheat decreased by Rs2.51, sugar (per kg) declined by Rs0.65. Prices of 22 basic commodities have been remained stable, as per PBS.