Insaf health cards will be further increased, Says CM

Syed Wali Ullah Shah

NOWSHERA:  The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Parvez Khattak has called upon the people at large to themselves analyze and check whether the promises different political parties make with them as part of their election manifestos are fulfilled or acted upon. He stressed that it was their responsibility to vote the parties and candidates who do so and thus they find them honest and dedicated.

Addressing a public meeting hosted by MPA Raja Amir Zaman in Khanpur, he said that PTI had strictly acted upon   its election manifesto by strengthening institutions and enacting legislations which ensures eradication of corruption, injustice, laxity, nepotism and discrimination. He pointed out that now the police has been reorganized on such lines where injustice, corruption, manipulations and discriminations otherwise called “Thana culture” has been totally eradicated and it has been converted into an force dedicated to the service of the citizens without any discrimination. On the other hand over 45 thousand teachers had been appointed purely on merit while teachers’ absenteeism has been totally eradicated as these schools are properly monitored while the children of the poor provided English medium education from the very beginning so that they are brought on a par with those of the offspring of the rich.

The same is the case with the health sector where, he pointed out that the people could neither find doctor, nor medicines nor lab equipments but his government increased the salaries of the doctors of Rs.45000/- to over Rs.two hundred thousand each and put the hospitals on track in way which has ensured both the presence of the doctors in hospitals and provision of medicines. He said that for the poor his government has started Insaf health cards the number of which he disclosed will be further increased.

He also pointed out that emergency service/coverage has been made free of costs in all the hospitals while the deficiency of lab equipments in each and every hospital is being fulfilled. Thus, the Chief Minister stated that acting upon its manifesto the affairs of education, health and police systems were focused and thus streamlined.

The public meeting was also addressed by ex-MNA Raja Faisal Zaman and ex- Minister Yousaf Ayub Khan besides others who lauded the provision of different development initiatives for the area.

Parves Khattak also pointed out that it was for the general masses to themselves check and compare the working of different political parties who one by one had come into power on different occasions on different promises like that of “Roti Kaprha aur Makan” i.e. the poor, the pakhtuns and the religion but did nothing in this regard.

He said that while the government had put each and every institution on the lines of serving the masses it has also launched payment of salaries/Stephens to the Paish Imams of the mosques where jumma prayers are offered. The Chief Minister announced that all tube wells in Khanpur will be placed on solar lines so that even in the absence of electricity the people are not faced with water scarcity.