Institutions protected ‘corrupt mafia’, says Imran

LAHORE (NNI): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan remarked that institutions protected the ‘corrupt mafia’, while addressing a press conference on Friday.

Continuing his tirade against the Sharif family, Imran remarked “Sharif family destroyed all institutions in the country.”

Since the institutions had no power, they could not take any action “when money was being looted from the country.”

However, this is not the time for old politics anymore. “It’s time for change and new politics,” he remarked.

“Politicians should lead by example,” he said, adding that in the four years of governing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa he did not make any factory or abuse his power.

“I don’t want to abuse my power to benefit myself or my family members,” said PTI chief.

“Look at the all big names in politics now, look where they were before they came into power and now where they stand,” he said.

Imran also said that he wants to get rid of the “curse” of development funds. “In what other democracy are MNAs and MPAs issued development funds?”

These funds are used to buy people and nothing more, he said.

“When we come into power, development funds would be released where they are needed and not to other politicians,” he said, adding that PTI want direct elections to be held for the elections of district nazim.

“People who want to join PTI should not think about the country and not about themselves,” he added

Earlier in the day, Imran Khan reiterated his demand for early elections. In a tweet, the PTI chairman said: “With economic disaster looming and a complete paralysis of governance, Pak needs early elections to save and strengthen democracy.”