Intellectual growth

Intellectual growth is something else. One cannot relate it with having a good English. English is not our national or mother language. It is a language of the people who are living far away from us. Yes, it is an international language and it is also our co-official language. We, therefore, try to learn it and it should be because of its importance in national and international level. But this doesn’t mean that we should judge the ability one while knowing his English language. Intellectual highness is something else. A man may be intellectual one without well conversant with English language. Many people have done great job in this world without having a command over English. French philosophers didn’t know English but they have earned names in the world of knowledge and so many others.
I write frequently posts on social media. Yes, off course there may be some mistakes in my English while writing something on Facebook. But this doesn’t mean that I am losing my own philosophy. This also doesn’t shatter the meaning what I intend to communicate to others just merely on the ground of grammatically wrong English, if there is any.
One day, I met one of my friend who was recently became my Facebook’s friend. Prior to this friendship on social media, he was also my friend as he came to university regularly when I was studying at university. Since that days, I always find him in frank condition. But when he became a friend of mine on social media, he might have studied my posts in different angle. And he might have got indifferently from it or might I have written wrongly. So when I met him recently, his first reply to me while hugging him about my posts. He said in a satirical way and also said about the grammar what I had used in posts. He was not an ordinary man. He belonged to a respectable family and in a high position in government. After a while from this meeting, I just thought how could we get progress? How could we learn? Yes, still I am a student and, Inisha Allah will always be student because I always try to learn and in a stage of learning, one cannot claim about a teacher or having a full-fledged knowledgeable person.
A man cannot get something without passing through errors and trials. If we remain sit idle and feel shy, we will not be position to learn. Society will never let you to learn. In a society where people use to make fun of mistakes especially in academic circle will always face with unfortunate events. Such a society will never meet with a fateful life. It will always be in a static position. There is no chance of success in such society. The reason is that its members will feel shy and they will not try to use their minds. Because they will fear from mistakes and they will think that as a result of mistakes, they will get daunt and bad impression in the eyes of society’s members. Result of this anathema will be a stagnancy.
The more you learn the more you will get a chance to learn either by committing mistakes or otherwise. But unfortunately here the scenario is change. The more you keep silent, the more you will not expose. And the result again is stagnancy. This practice is very dangerous for intellectual growth. It becomes hurdles in the way of vision and farsightedness. This creates impediments in the way of light.
Therefore, we should encourage one another. We must appreciate the writing of someone disregarding of the expression and grammatical errors. There may be a dissenting views but not such a criticism that one may get discouragement. We should teach them where there is a mistakes done on his side. But this has its own method. Secretly and in this modern world one may be easily told/corrected through text or through messenger. So that he could learn without hitting his feelings. We may make ways for improvements. This is a high time for us to learn. Myopic views is not the solution. We should broadened the ways for getting knowledge. We should create such an atmosphere where we could learn and prosper.
We must own our life. We must do hard word. We must look at the efforts of others and it must be appreciated rather criticise in such a way where no remedy would available to him for guidance or without having a solid grounds. So we must elevate us intellectually and must join hands for promoting the cause of humanity. This is one of the most effective way for getting rid of the social evils.
Asmat Ullah Wazir