Inter Colleges Girls Tchoukball tournament starts Frontier College

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Inter-college girls Tchoukball tournament has started in Peshawar.

The students of Frontier College, Girls College Zaryab Colony, Girls College Hayatabad No. 1, Girls College Nahqi and Girls College Bacha Khan are participating in this event organized at Frontier College for Women.

Under the Higher Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Organized Like every year, the inter-college sports competitions are going on this year as well.

In this regard, the Tchoukball competition started in Frontier College for Women. In the first match, the team of City Girls Degree College Gulbehar defeated the team of Girls College Zaryab Colony by 24-4. While Bacha Khan Girls College defeated Girls’ College Hayatabad No. 1 by 12-10. Likewise, Girls’ College Nahqi got a walkover against Girls’ College Dagri.

Organizer of the tournament and Director of Sports of Girls’ Degree College Zaryab Colony Miss Rohina Tabasim said that women sports should be promoted. Our women are as talented as men. Special attention should be given to sports in women’s schools and colleges.
He said that the Higher Education Department is organizing regular games in women’s colleges in the province.