Interior Minister Sanaullah announces conducting forensic audit of Imran Khan’s audio leak

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said Wednesday while addressing a press conference in Islamabad that a forensic audit of the audio leak of Imran Khan would be conducted.

He said that the reality of Imran Khan was unfolding slowly. “Imran Khan is pursuing enemy’s agenda,” he added.

“Imran Khan is misleading the youth. The nation needs to identify this Fitnah,” he stated.

“The reality of this Fitnah is also unfolding before those who were under its influence,” he claimed.

“The vice chancellors of Punjab have also been under the influence of this Fitnah, and he poisoned the minds of youths,” he castigated.

“He says that his government had been removed by the United States through a conspiracy. While in actuality, his government was removed in a constitutional way,” Rana Sana stressed.

“Imran Khan has been caught spitting lies. His true face has been exposed before the nation. The reality of his false narrative has also been exposed. The audio leak has unveiled this Fitnah,” he added.

“Imran Khan wants to divide the nation; he is doing politics based on lies,” he alleged.

“This Fitnah can cause a great tragedy in the country. You all heard the conversation between Imran Khan and then principal secretary Azam Khan,” Rana Sanaullah said to the reporters.

“Imran Khan destroyed the economy in just four years. He has caused irreparable damage to the country,” he deplored.

“A political Fitnah should be ended in a political way,” he pointed out.