Interior Minister sees gaps in Afghan envoy daughter’s ‘abduction case’

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said that an undeclared hybrid war against Pakistan has started adding that Afghan envoy’s daughter was not abducted and all four taxi drivers who gave her the ride were innocent.

The interior minister was of the view that it would have been better if Afghan Ambassador Najibullah Alikhil had stayed here. He said Pakistan wanted him to become a part of the investigation of his daughter’s alleged abduction.

He said the government of Pakistan investigated into all aspects of the alleged abduction of 27-year-old Silsila Alikhil. He stated that a case had been registered. He held that no matter if Ambassador Alikhil would not pursue the case, the Pakistan government would pursue it.

Mr Rashid said there was a difference between his (envoy’s) application and our investigation. He held that it was not a case of abduction and stated that all four cab drivers who gave her rides proved innocent.

Sh Rashid was addressing a presser at Lal Haveli on Tuesday. He regarded that Pakistan had become a target of an intensified hybrid war. He was of the opinion that Prime Minister Imran Khan was rising as a true leader and India and Israel could not fathom it. “That’s why Imran Khan’s phone was being hacked (by India),” he added.

About Dasu bus blast incident in which nine Chinese workers were killed, the minister said that China was satisfied with the ongoing investigation. He opined that the world powers could not see a flourishing friendship between China and Pakistan.

The interior minister explained the timeline of the recent blasts in Pakistan. He said that the Johar Town, Lahore blast was conducted a day before the FATF meeting. The Dasu bus explosion was carried out before the annual meeting of the CPEC and the Afghan envoy’s daughter incident was happened just before the Afghan Peace Conference, he added.

Mr Rashid informed that the footage of Afghan ambassador’s daughter’s movement was submitted to the foreign office. He exhorted on the foreign office that the FO should share this footage with other ambassadors and media.

The interior minister said that Silsila Alikhil surrendered her phone but she deleted all data.

Mr Rashid informed that government was going to make Diplomatic Enclave a special security zone.

He also held that border management was safe and 90% fencing along the border had been completed. On the border, the Army was securing it and behind it, the civilian institutes were securing the country’s frontiers. He was of the view that Afghanistan should tackle its problems on its own, we would defend ourselves.