Interior Ministry: Police reach nearly 200,000 members

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Interior Affairs said on Saturday that the number of police force members has increased to nearly 200,000.
Abdul Nafay Takur, a spokesman for the ministry, said the purpose of the recruitment is to ensure public order and fight drugs and crimes.
“The number will increase if needed,” he said.
Military affairs analysts said focusing on establishing well-trained and professional forces is essential.
“I think instead of quantity, they should pay attention to the quality of our security forces,” said Sarwari Niazi, a military affairs analyst.
“The Ministry of Interior should invest in training of police forces,” said Mohammad Zalmai Afghan Yar, an analyst.
This comes as the chief of staff of the Islamic Emirate’s army has said that the number of army members will increase to 200,000 in the future from the current 150,000 forces.