“International Day of the Girl Child” celebrated in Pakistan’s Embassy

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Washington: Embassy of Pakistan, Washington DC held a special event to commemorate the “International Day of the Girl Child”. This day, celebrated internationally every year on October 11, 2019, focuses attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and to promote girls’ empowerment and fulfillment of their human rights.

In welcoming the guests, Ms. Zunaira Asad Khan, wife of Pakistan Ambassador to the US Dr. Asad Majeed Khan reminded the audience of the plight of Kashmiri women and girls who have been sufferings in the hands of occupation forces in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOJK) over the years. While the world is talking about promoting justice, gender equality and humanity, our heart goes out for those Kashmiri women and girls who have been victims of rape, pellet guns, abduction and torture in IOJK, she added.

Ms. Khan underscored the importance of participation of female youth in the nation building process. She acknowledged the significant contribution of Pakistani women in all walks of life. No doubt, women of Pakistan have accomplished great successes in the fields of  Politics, Entrepreneurship, Education, Arts and Entrainment, Information Technology, Healthcare etc. They have held prominent positions in Government as well as International organizations. She reiterated that women are equal partners in nationhood and we should promote a healthy environment so that our young minds can flourish regardless of gender, she stressed.

Ms. Zunaira Asad Khan along with other guest speakers expressed solidarity with the 08 million Kashmiri population in IOJK who are under restrictions on movement and speech imposed by the Indian Government since 05 August 2019. Other speakers paid rich tribute  to the valiant Kashmiri women and girls who are living in an armed cage where a veil of darkness has been imposed on the innocent and youthful dreams.

A documentary was also shown to highlight the sufferings of innocent Kashmiris in IOJK.

A collective dua was offered at the end of the event for the Kashmiri brothers and sisters. The event was well-attended by Pakistani-American women and young girls from DMV area.

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