International Women Day

Sayed Sajid Shah Bokhari

Women should have equal rights in a society, like men and there should not be discrimination on the basis of gender. Why still such differences exist in many parts of the world with extremely bitter experiences for the women folk. The domestic violence on women and throwing acid on their faces had created panic in the world and it shows the embarrassed and awkward situation on the part of men superiority complex. The women harassment may be considered as the shameful tool to dishonor discourage and disrespect women for one’s own lust. The killing of women on the name of honor and (sowra) could be claimed common examples in our society, that how we treat a women in the society. How much it is amazing that revenge of the brother shall be taken from sisters? Women everywhere in the world must have respect as Mother, sister, daughter and wife but it is not happening actually. The human nature of women had soft and delicate roots in our system but we have deteriorated it and plunged as well.
The history however, shows that women were always used by men for their personal gains and objectives and in most cases such women were thrown to dustbin after usage. In this context we cannot quote example from Europe because they have their own identity, religion, culture, civilization, tradition and freedom and we have our own. Today, Hijab was strictly banned in Non-Muslim communities and Countries particularly, in France, Germany, India and other European Countries but in Islamic perspective, it is one of the basic requirements for Muslim women to wear Hijab and hide their faces and body so for. The history shows that women’s were distributed as war booty, and kept as handmaiden and bondmaid. After war the beautiful women would be choose usually, by Kings and princes and the ugly one by the soldiers. Just imagine how the Mughal emperor Babur had kept strong relation with Shibani khan when he found it difficult to fight with him in the battle field. The sister of Babur khanzadi Beigum were married, to Shibani khan as alternate of revenge. The women in the case of Hinduism had miserable history, for how they would like to commit suicide as revenge in the honor of men’s death, especially in case of husband? This tradition was called Sathi. Similarly, in case of Rajput the women had to die in case of their husband death and the tradition was called johar. Most of the Sikh rulers wives and sisters even finished, their lives when they understand, that they would be treated like slaves and raped after being caught alive. Although the world has been changed and now the Artificial intelligence in wars with Missiles technology and Drone attacks has changed the scenario of war.
The world had record of very strong women in the list of superior warrior, queens and rulers like Qalo pathra, Kithrine, Elizebath, Noor Jehan, Chand Bibi, Bandra Nike, Benazir Bhutto and so many others. In history, however their names could be adjusted with their Male counterpart and that was the dilemma of history, that women’s folk and their names had miss utilized sequences and proofs. Why the women are treated inferior individual than men and how their status could be improved in history? It is a big question and that’s why 8th March is celebrated to allow women as humans to raise their voice against any system based on Anti women slogans. The participation of women in planning shall be part of future strategy. To ensures their basic rights in all walks of life is requirement . Women possess the same qualities as men and in few exceptional ,cases even they had superior power and role than men in society. The social, developed and civilized communities in the world had shown greater respect, regards for their women and the services they rendered for their fellow men’s, society and country. But what our religion Islam has taught is far beyond of human approach. Islam ensures all the basic rights of women as basic principles of life and never compromises on it. In the inheritance law the women has equal rights like men .Islam believes on women respect and honor as Mother, Sister, Wife and daughter. In fact the women day shall not be confined to a single day and especially, in our society every day is women day. The United Nation Organization celebrates annually 8th March as International Women Day,in the perspective of their basic rights. For each year the UNO creates a theme so that women can be valued, respected officially, and their rights can be protected in best way. The theme for 2022 was adopted, as GENDER EQUALITY TODAY FOR A SUSTAIANBLE TOMORROW. The theme shows that in most cases the women folk go through misery,so there is stern need to develop mechanism for protecting their rights and raised their standards economically and socially.
On 8th March seminars are usually conducted, walks are organized and processions held, to sensitize the communities to understand the women problems and issues. On this day even achievements of the international women in the field of science, technology, history, culture, civilization, Literature, governance, show bizz could be valued with honor and respect. The world needs to focus on capacity building of women in skills development, Education, Health areas and to prioritize their needs. This could be done especially in remote areas where women’s could be found exposed to violence and extremely vulnerable in developing countries.