IOJK is Nuclear flashpoint:Moeed

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: A cautious and once a moderator of an international Think Tank USIP, who now happens to be the National Security Advisor of Pakistan Moeed Yousaf said that IOJK is a nuclear flashpoint and could end up the entire South Asia in turmoil if solution to this problem is not addressed at the earliest.
The brutalities in Indian Occupied Kashmir did not seem to bother Moeed Yousaf much and that is why in his opening remarks he said that without going into what India is doing in IOJK, the fact that the ideology which is taking place in India could prove to be suicidal for the entire south South Asia. Mr Moeed who did not once use the word Indian Occupied Kashmir said that TAPI is a great project but the problem is with “I”. Moeed Yousaf said that Think Tanks in Washington DC should change their view towards Pakistan and that what he saw in his career at USIP in Washington DC was very different than the ground realities of Pakistan. With regard to Afghanistan, Moeed Yousaf said that Pakistan wants to see a prosperous Afghanistan, led, owned and managed by Afghanistan itself. Moeed Yousaf said that since he has taken over his new job and while getting his training he learned that there is not much happening from Pakistan side towards Afghanistan and that Afghan soil should not be used against Pakistan either. The advisor said that during his private conversation with the USA government officials, they seem to be very happy and satisfied with the role Pakistan has played in arranging peace talks. Regarding China, Moeed said China is a strategic partner of Pakistan and China has never told Pakistan not to let USA get involved in its projects. He said Pakistan has great potential for US companies and that multi national companies are making almost 200 to 300% margin profits in Pakistan. Dr Moeed acknowledged that human rights abuses, press under siege, minorities being targeted are problems in Pakistan but he said that government is working towards the betterment of all these issues. Moeed Yousaf said that in his candid opinion FATF was more of a political issue for Pakistan and that he would rather see the entire budget of Pakistan go to projects of national and human development than Defence. Almost all the participants and those who asked questions at the event which was held by Atlantic Council in Washington DC via Zoom were very happy and delighted to see Moeed Yousaf as National Security Advisor of Pakistan and the event was a great chance for two great think tanks, Atlantic Council and USIP to interact with each other and discuss the issues being faced by Pakistan.

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