Iqbal says India behind recent terror attacks in Pakistan

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Tuesday said Pakistan will be among 20 large economies of the world by 2025.

Speaking to the media after inaugurating third China Agro Chemical summit in Lahore, he said if political obstacles were not created in the past four years, the country would have gone far ahead.

The PML-N devised an inclusive future line of action when it came to power in 2013, the minister said and added barely a day passed without any incident of terrorism before 2013 but now peace was restored.

Iqbal said the country faced acute energy crisis, but the government after assuming power took initiatives to plug the shortfall and generated enough electricity, which was not even done in the 70 years.

He said Pakistan is an agrarian economy; therefore, there are immense prospects for entrepreneurship in this field. He said today’s Pakistan is safer and more prosperous as compared to that of the past.

The minister said the government is taking all possible measures to restore complete peace in the country and anti-terror actions are yielding positive results. He said India is involved in the recent acts of terrorism in Pakistan.

The minister said efforts are also being made to strengthen democracy in the country adding that the elections will be held on time.