Iran embassy highlights effects of US terrorism on virus outbreak

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan says the US under its bullying behavior has imposed a system based upon economic and medical terrorism on Iran which will directly affect health care and ability to cope with the health crisis.

The embassy in a press release on Friday said the US irresponsible unilateral attitude against Iran is in violation of international law and resolutions of UN Security Council.

It said when the outbreak of dangerous coronavirus (COVID-19) has been affecting the world increasingly and people of more than 150 countries have been facing it, some of inhuman acts have negative impact on the coordinated and worldly fight against this fatal and contagious disease.

The statement said the US sanctions are not only against humanitarian norms of international law and judgments of the International Court of Justice, rather depriving of Iran from access to medicine, medical equipments and violates the rights of access to health care and right of life for the people of Iran.

It said in view of its contagious character and quick outbreak of the virus, the sanctions will endanger health security of all the regional countries and the world.

“Unilateral withdrawal from JCPOA, tightening of US sanctions in the framework of racist plan of maximum pressure on Iran, pressurizing of trade partners and neighbours of Iran to refrain from trade, economic and financial cooperation at government and even peoples levels and closing of international banking channels for government and private Iranian organizations and companies, have prevented sale/ exports of oil and non oil products of Iran,” said the statement.

It added people and government of Iran, cruelly, are deprived of access to their financial resources in the foreign countries and utilization of exports earnings. “Whereas, production and imports of equipment, items and health and medical care medicines, treatment of patients, transfer of technology and research on ways of prevention and treatment requires huge financial resources,” it noted.

It went on to say policies of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding providing timely information, prevention, control and treatment of new disease are running optimally.

“All executive apparatus of the country particularly hospitals and cure centers are fighting with full potential against the new virus by diagnosing and treatment of the patients,” said the embassy.

It said Iran is among ten top leading countries of the world in specialized health care and treatment personnel.

“But shortage of special protective dresses and equipment has made the treatment personnel of Iran more vulnerable against confronting this disease and unfortunately so far a number of doctors, nurses and medical personnel of the hospitals have become hopelessly victims of this disease,” said the statement.

It said undoubtedly all the quarters who by complying with cruel US sanctions, prevent import of much needed equipment, medicine and benefitting of people of Iran from earnings of the exports of oil and non oil products are partners to this crime against humanity and are responsible of this atrocity. “The historical memory of Iranian nation will never be erased in this regard,” said embassy.

The statement said the US government has hypocritically and unequivocally declared that drugs and food are not subject to sanctions and is ready to help Iran, but on the other hand, at this critical juncture of the virus outbreak, by exploiting the media’s focus on the new virus, the US government has stepped up sanctions against Iran and seeks to prevent international aid and assistance from being transferred to the Iranian government.

“As innocent civilians in Iran become victims of the new deadly virus every day, Donald Trump’s administration viciously continues to implement the economic and medical terrorism project against Iran and reveals its inhumane nature,” it said.

The embassy in the statement further said the cooperation of relevant international organizations, in particular the World Health Organization, with the support, cooperation and assistance of the people and the government in friendly countries such as China, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, France, Japan, Qatar, Azerbaijan and Russia is very encouraging and promising. The Iranian government and nation will never forget the help of these kind-hearted nations in difficult days.

“So far, truth-seeking and peace-loving states, such as China, Pakistan and Russia, have emphasized the negative and devastating effects of unilateral coercive actions and US anti-Iranian sanctions against the spread of the virus in Iran and the region. They have called on the international community to put pressure on the United States to lift these sanctions as soon as possible,” it said.

It added today, adopting a constructive and cooperative approach towards a coordinated and collective action against the global outbreak of the virus is a universal and humane task for all nations and governments.

“It should not be allowed that the politically ambitious goals of some irresponsible powers overshadow this human task; because we are all sitting on one ship today, and the rapid spread of the new virus to the pandemic level has symbolically demonstrated that the fate of all humanity is more and more interdependent,” said the statement.