Iran grants citizenship to 20 Afghan investors

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KABUL (Khaama Press): Iran’s Foreign Ministry said this week that 20 Afghan investors have become eligible to receive Iranian citizenship based on their contribution towards the economy.
According to Iran’s IRNA news agency, granting citizenship to the group of Afghans is part of the ministry’s plans to make use of skilled foreigners. Announcing their decision, Iranian Foreign Minister’s Deputy for Consular, Parliamentary, and Iranian Expatriates Affairs Alireza Bigdeli said at a ceremony that identifying and organizing foreign nationals living in Iran is now underway by the ministry.
The group of 20 Afghans were also presented with their required documents during this ceremony. IRNA reported that Iranian missions in foreign countries, particularly those in neighboring countries, have been told to facilitate granting services to foreign nationals, Bigdeli said. He also said that Iran is providing support to foreign investors and entrepreneurs in the ocuntry.

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