Iran nuclear deal and Israel’s dilemma

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has paid an official visit to Israel in recent days. While discussing the resumption of the Iran nuclear deal during the meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, she said that the situation is difficult in negotiations on the resumption of the nuclear deal with Iran. Merkel was of the view that western powers must discuss the issue in the framework of the three plus three format (Germany, France, Great Britain and the Russian Federation, the United States, China) and sort out the means to resolve the problem. According to her, the new American administration has promised to return to the deal, but Iran is not giving signs of the resumption of negotiations and continuously increasing the enrichment of Uranium. Merkel assured Naftali that she would talk to the Russian and Chinese leadership to increase pressure on Iran to quickly return to the negotiating table. Bennett told Merkel that Israel is acting against Iran on all fronts, including the daily containment of its attempts to flood the region with weapons. Bennett was of the view that the Iranian nuclear program is at its most advanced stage in the history and Israel’s responsibility is to make sure that Iran will never have nuclear weapons. According to Naftali, the Iran Nuclear bomb is not a strategic, but an existential problem for Israel.

Israel has been a staunch enemy of Iran’s nuclear program since its beginning. Israeli leadership perceives Iran’s Nuclear program as an existential threat to its security and has acquired substantial military and economic support from western countries and the US to counter the proposed threat. Israeli leadership and the world Jewish community have been urging the US to take concrete steps to eliminate the Iranian Nuclear Program. According to international experts, Israel’s shadow war against Iran’s Nuclear Program has always continued over the recent decades. Israeli Intelligence Service Mossad has targeted an important Iranian Nuclear facility at Natanz and inflicted serious damage to the plant and also assassinated Iranian top Nuclear Scientists during the past.

The International Atom Energy Agency (IAEA) and five big powers had concluded the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran in 2015, after successful culmination of the years long rigorous negotiation between the parties. The Nuclear deal paved the path for monitoring of Iranian nuclear program by the IAEA, putting a cap on Uranium enrichment activities and monitoring of nuclear fuel etc. However, Israel strongly opposed the Iran nuclear deal and the strong Jewish lobby was an important factor in unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA in mid-2018.

As, Israeli Prime Minister himself admitted that Israel is actively working against Iranian Nuclear program to completely eliminate the Iranian desire for peaceful full nuclear energy, despite the fact that Israel itself has gained the nuclear capabilities and attained the status of unannounced nuclear power. Currently, Israel is using all its resources including diplomatic influence, international Jewish community, and the infamous Israeli spy agency Mossad to sabotage the chances of restoration of JCPOA. Because after complete breakdown of the JCPOA, Israel is fully prepared to destroy the Iranian nuclear sites by using its military might with the active support of its western allies. In fact, Iran and its rival nations are using their cards smartly however time would decide the champion of this great competition.

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